Ex-49ers Pro Bowler Reveals What Jimmy Garoppolo Must Understand

Jimmy Garoppolo

Getty Jimmy Garoppolo looks for a receiver on October 16, 2022.

It won’t be long before Jimmy Garoppolo gets a new option to throw to in Christian McCaffrey, when the San Francisco 49ers head back to Levi’s Stadium on Sunday afternoon, October 23 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Unfortunately for one member of the 49ers, Trey Lance won’t get the opportunity to hand it off or throw to “Run CMC” as he’s out for the season with an ankle injury he sustained in Week 2.

However, that didn’t stop one prominent star from the 49ers’ past to chime in with Heavy about the 49ers’ quarterback room — including revealing what Garoppolo “has to understand.”

49ers Great Reminds Who the Starter is

Garoppolo is 3-2 this season as 49ers starter, and elevated his overall record to 48-20 per Pro Football Reference. And he’s had to navigate the 49ers’ offense through an injury pile up on offense from the offensive line to the backfield — the latter helping persuade the McCaffrey trade.

But in an exclusive conversation with Heavy, two-time Pro Bowl tight end with the 49ers Vernon Davis chimed in about the ongoing QB scrutiny going on in the Bay Area.

“They brought Trey Lance in to be the starter. I mean, there’s no question about it,” Davis first began with Heavy. “Jimmy G is a veteran. He’s proven that he can play in this game and lead the team to a Super Bowl. But he has to understand, and I know he does, that Trey Lance is going to be the man, but he’s going to continue to compete because he’s very competitive.”

How Should 49ers Handle Jimmy G After This Season?

While 49er fans have shifted to thinking about how McCaffrey will be inserted into the offense versus the Chiefs, there’s still the lingering thought by some regarding Garoppolo’s future.

With the trade deadline looming for November 1, Garoppolo being shipped away is highly unlikely given the depth of the QB room. But does Davis, himself, believe that Garoppolo’s future in the Bay will extend beyond 2022?

“There’s another team for him,” Davis said. “But if I’m the San Francisco 49ers, I’m going to keep Jimmy G. Now, you have two outstanding quarterbacks, even though Trey Lance has to prove himself and he will because of his work ethic and just his character. That’s the person I think he’s gonna continue to develop and blossom into are very unique quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers but they just have to trust in him and give him time. He’s young. It’s gonna take a little time. But they have a great situation with Jimmy G.”

Davis & Smirnoff

Davis’s interview with Heavy was made possible through his new partnership with Smirnoff.

The 38-year-old Davis, who last played in 2019 and caught 441 of his career 583 receptions with the 49ers, has been keeping busy off the field. He’s helped co-host a high school awards show in July and now he’s working with Smirnoff to recruit a Cocktail Coordinator for this NFL season.

“Who wouldn’t want to work with Smirnoff? I mean, look at what we’re doing. We’re recruiting for the best job in America,” Davis said of the Cocktail Coordinator position. “This is going to be a great moment, we’re going to be partying like it’s 1972 with toasting to that 1972 undefeated [Miami Dolphins] team. It’s gonna be amazing, man. There’s not a better opportunity than to be able to win a prize flying on a private jet with your gameday crew. Oh, there’s nothing like it.”

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