Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Sends Message to Haters

Russell Wilson Chris Carson

Getty Things between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks appear to be on the mend.

It is no secret that Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks have struggled in recent weeks. Wilson is going through one of the worst stretches of his career with seven turnovers in two straight losses.

The Seahawks quarterback had a message for those that are doubting his abilities. Wilson relied on his baseball background noting he is going to “keep swinging” while admitting he has “been doubted before.”

“You may slip and fall a little bit,” Wilson said, per ESPN’s Brady Henderson. “You’ve got to just keep climbing. I think Vince Lombardi said something about that one time. I think he talked about the man who’s on top of the mountain didn’t just get there. It’s so true. I think that as a team, there’s always challenges … The guys that can keep getting up and keep swinging, those are the players and those are the teams that keep overcoming. What I do know about myself is I’m an overcomer. I’ve been doubted before. One thing about me is I’m going to keep swinging.

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Wilson on Recent Slump: ‘Nothing That I Won’t Overcome’

Wilson played coy when asked who he was hearing doubted his abilities, but the Seahawks quarterback has likely heard the shifting narrative in recent weeks. He was once the favorite to win the NFL MVP award but the recent skid has seriously hurt his chances. Wilson’s message throughout the week has been the same as his words just minutes after the team’s loss to the Rams in Week 10.

“We can still get better, we can still find our way,” Wilson noted, via USA Today. “We got tough challenges ahead of us but nothing that we can’t overcome and nothing that I won’t overcome, so I’m looking forward to keep going and just keep believing in it all.”

Carroll Was Critical of Wilson’s Turnovers

Some of the criticism came from within Wilson’s own building as Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was as critical as we have seen regarding his quarterback’s turnovers. Carroll does it in his own unique way, but the Seahawks coach was clear that the team is going to continue to struggle if Wilson keeps throwing interceptions.

“I’m just concerned in general, we can’t play football and win games like that,” Carroll noted in his post-game press conference. “Can’t win. Philosophically, that’s so far against the grain from what we believe and how we practice and prepare for the last ten years, twenty years. It couldn’t rub against the grain any more obviously. I’m worried about the fact that it’s so loose in this game and last game. One or two, sometimes, but seven, that’s too many. We got to get our act together. We just got to get better. We can’t do that. We won’t beat anybody turning the ball over like that.”

To be clear, Carroll has not lost faith in his quarterback, but the Seahawks coach understands that he has to maintain accountability across the team. Carroll is also likely motivated to make sure that Wilson does not feel the pressure to win games on his own. Wilson has sent a strong message expressing confidence, and now it is time to see if it translates to his play on the field.

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