Russell Wilson, Seahawks Could Lose to Washington Football Team: Giants RB

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Getty Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks.

NFC East leaders The Washington Football Team will host the Seattle Seahawks in a 1 PM ET game on Sunday.

Currently on a four-game winning streak, The Washigton Football Team hold a 6-7 record and are sitting in sole possession of first place in the NFC East.

For those keeping score at home: Statistically, The Washington Football Team are the only team remaining that can win the division with a winning record this season.

Led by quarterback Russell Wilson, Seattle is 9-4 and tied for first place in the NFC West. “The Giants; my former team beat the Seahawks two weekends ago, retired New York Giants legand and current CBS Sports radio analyst, Tiki Barber told me on the Heavy Live With Scoop B Show.

“And the reason why they were able to do it is because of their defensive front. Their front four put a lot of pressure and made Russell Wilson look down. Like so instead of looking up on the field to see guys coming over here and guys coming from over there, instead of looking down field he was constantly looking at the front four of the New York Giants and all the pressure that they were putting on him. And that’s how you make Russell Wilson ‘average’. When you allow him to feel pressured and uncomfortable in the pocket, then there’s a chance that you can beat them and disrupt him and how good he is.”

Currently NFL spreads for Week 15 favor the Seahawks in Sunday’s matchup.

RB Lamar Miller

GettyHead coach Ron Rivera of the Washington Football Team

The Redskins are hungry. “Now the one thing The Washington Football Team has over the New York Giants is that their front four might be the best in football,” Tiki Barber tells Heavy Live With Scoop B.

“Whether if it’s Chase Young; who was just drafted number #1; by the way, all four of those guys on that defensive front — Chase Young, Montez Sweat, Daron Payne, Jonathan Allen… they’re all 1st round draft picks! So their front defensive four are all 1st round draft picks each in subsequent years — so 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017… draft picks! And then you throw in Ryan Kerrigan who was 2012 as a first round draft pick as a situational guy; they got guys that can get after you. So if there’s a team in the NFL that’s going to be a pain in the ass for Russell Wilson, it’s going to be the Washington Football Team. So I think that they have a good chance of beating them. And let’s not forget Ron Rivera who is the new head coach at Washington, came in there and said, ‘We have to change our culture. We gotta change our attitude, we gotta take risks, we gotta trust each other.” That’s why they went for two against the Giants the last time they played and they ended up losing that game by a point; 20 to 19. But this mentality has taken over the Washington Football Team and that’s why Ron Rivera is such a great coach and they’ve won four games in a row. They’re 6-7 right now and sitting atop the NFC East. I think they can beat ANYBODY. When they won last weekend, they didn’t score an offensive touchdown, right? That tells you right there how dominant their defense can be. I like Washington; not personally, because I’m a Giants fan and my loyalty changed when the paychecks started coming from the Meadowlands as opposed to being a Southwestern Virginia boy [laughs]… but I like where Washington is headed. I like where the culture is starting to shift; on the field with Ron Rivera; they hired a young Black great, great McKinsey partner Jason Wright to be their new president and he’s changing things from the top down. I mean, football… we focus on what happens on the field but success happens from the top down. It’s why the Steelers are always good as they are, it’s why the Seahawks are as good as they are, the Giants historically have been that way… from the top down is how you win in the National Football League, and they’re starting to get it right in Washington finally; it’s been a long time but, they’re starting to get it right again.”