Bucs’ Tom Brady Reacts Humorously to ‘Hurdling’ New York Giants Defender

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady gets fired up after a first down run.

For a moment, Tom Brady performed like a bass player who busted out an epic solo as he leapt over a New York Giants defender.

Social media went wild as Brady looked far more flashy than his usual, precise self. Brady had more fun with it after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers downed the Giants 30-10, and he admitted his run and “hurdle” was rare. He even corrected a reporter on the length of his first-down dash.

“Eleven-yard run,” Brady said with a smile. “They don’t happen very often, so I do remember how far they go. It was pretty good.”

Brady has been known as pocket passer and not the fastest quarterback out there — let alone hurdling a defender like a dual-threat quarterback. He even makes fun of his lack of speed, which he did last summer for a Madden 22 promo.

“It’s been forever and ever, probably never,” Brady added. “That’s not what I do, but good  to have it come up … hopefully I’ll hit it again next week, too. Make a couple of those.”

Brady will contend with a tougher defense in the Indianapolis Colts to do it. The Colts rank higher than the Giants in yards and points per game.

Mike Evans: Brady ‘Has More Rushing Yards Than Me’

Let that sink in. Brady’s 51 yards rushing this season eclipses wide receiver Mike Evans’ 10 yards, and the Bucs quarterback ranks fourth on the team for rushing at age 44.

Evans half jokingly maintains that he’s a better running back.

“Tom, he has more rushing yards than me in his career (too),” Evans said. “My average might be better, so I think I’ll be better.”

Brady Trending Upward in Running With the Ball

In 10 games this season, Brady has been more aggressive running the ball than he’s been in years. His 51 yards rushing and a touchdown on 16 carries for a 3.2-yard average. That’s his highest average since 2005.

Brady had another highlight-worthy run before the Giants game with a first-down run against his old team — the New England Patriots. He revealed a surprised look after the play.


Last season, he ran with the ball 30 times for six yards and three touchdowns. His carries per season typically hover around 25-30 carries, and his career average for running the ball is 2.2 yards.

Key Streak Avoided for Brady

With Monday’s win, Brady avoided losing three consecutive games for the first time since 2002. It happened only that one time in his career, a four-game losing streak with a Patriots squad that missed the playoffs.

Brady looked happier and relieved at Monday’s press conference compared his brief appearance after a loss at Washington.

“Better for all of us when we play better,” Brady said. “Better for quality of life.”

Penalties and turnovers still concerned Brady though. The Bucs committed six penalties for 39 yards. Brady threw an interception that occurred off a deflection.

“I think penalties still got a little bit of the best of us. Gotta keep tightening up the turnovers, communication and everything that it takes to play winning football,” Brady said. “We’ve got a lot of football left.”