Tom Brady Sends Heartfelt Message to Cancer Survivor

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady shared a heartfelt video with cancer survivor and Buccaneers fan, Noah Reeb.

During his battle with brain cancer, Buccaneers fan Noah Reeb, 9, frequently found encouragement in a video message sent to him by quarterback Tom Brady.

“Hey Noah, how are you doing? I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking about you,” Brady said on the video message via ESPN. “I know you’re one of my biggest fans in Utah, and I know you’ve got a great family that loves you, and support — your mom and dad, and your siblings. And I just want to let you know, I’m thinking about you. I’m with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. And Hang tough, you’re going to be great, I know it, and get well soon, take care.”

Reeb ultimately beat cancer and came to a Bucs game on Oct. 24 where Brady gave him a hat, which the CBS broadcast caught. Brady tweeted a message for Reeb on Oct. 31 when ESPN released its video about Brady’s support of the Reeb family .

“Thank you for your inspiration Noah,” Brady wrote. “We can all learn so much from you. You may not know it, but so many people in the world admire you for your courage and bravery and how you’ve dealt with a really tough situation. Thank you and your family for your beautiful blessing.”

The week before, Brady shared a story on Instagram about Reeb, which featured a photo of Reeb holding a sign that read “Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer” at the Oct. 24 Bucs game.

“The strongest kid in the world,” Brady wrote. “The best part of everything I’ve achieved is being able to help kids like Noah. You inspire me more than anything.!”


Chris Godwin Catches Noah at Game For Brady

While the Bucs ran down the clock in a blowout of the Chicago Bears on Oct 24, wide receiver Chris Godwin made a big catch for Brady and Reeb.

“I looked up right, right behind our bench, and I see this kid with, you know, with the Bucs jersey on,” Godwin told ESPN. “I see a sign, you know, it said, ‘Tom Brady helped me beat cancer.'”

Godwin greeted Reeb and got Brady’s attention to go over to Reeb, too.


Noah’s Battle With Cancer

Reeb, whose family lives in Utah, woke up one morning in December 2020 with pain in his head that led to a doctor visit and discovering the cancer. His mother, Jacque Reeb, recalled her son saying “my head’s killing me” according to ESPN.

“We were in the doctor’s office, and he showed us the picture of the mass in my brain,” Noah Reeb told ESPN. “Me, my mom, and dad, and Scarlett, and Maxine — we were just all in a lot of pain.”

According to ESPN, Reeb had “multiple brain surgeries in a craniotomy to ease the pressure on his brain even before four cycles of chemotherapy, and then radiation, helped shrink the tumor.”

Reeb completed his final round of radiation in mid October, concluding six months of treatment according to KSL TV’s Frances Cooke.

“Yeah, I beat brain cancer and I finished radiation,” Reeb said per Cooke. “I don’t have to get nauseous or I don’t have really any more things to be worried about.”

Reeb also thanked Brady for the support in the ESPN video.