Proposed Trade Reunites Sixers’ With Joel Embiid’s ‘Best Backup Big’

Joel Embiid

Getty Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers could potentially be on the lookout for a backup center at the NBA Trade Deadline. Ky Carlin of SixersWire proposed multiple centers in the NBA that could be trade targets for the Sixers. Among them was former Sixers center Andre Drummond. Carlin explained why Drummond could be an appealing target.

“Drummond has made it known he was blindsided by the trade when the Sixers sent him to the Brooklyn Nets. It appears the Bulls are making him available in talks. Considering his ability to rebound at an elite level and catch lobs, he would be a great pick-and-roll partner for Harden on the offensive end. He’s the best backup big the Sixers have had during the Embiid era, so it would make sense to bring him back if possible,” Carlin said.

Drummond is apparently available, as Marc Stein reported on his Substack that Drummond was a likely trade candidate due to his role diminishing with the Chicago Bulls.

“Do not be surprised, league sources say, if the Bulls move former All-Star center Andre Drummond before the Feb. 9 trade. Drummond has been allotted fewer than 15 minutes in each of Chicago’s past 12 games,” Stein said.

Drummond Named a Target Due to Current Backup Centers’ Flaws

Kyle Neubeck of PhillyVoice brought up that the Sixers may look into bringing in another center due to some of the issues their current backup centers – Montrezl Harell and Paul Reed – have.

“With Montrezl Harrell’s defensive issues and Paul Reed not yet earning the trust of the coaching staff, sources say the Sixers would be open to bringing in another big even if they don’t move one of Embiid’s current backups,” Neubeck said.

He then named Drummond as a possible option for them to go after and why the Sixers would want someone with his skillset.

“It’s the easy place for your mind to drift, but former Sixers big Andre Drummond is an example, if a high-end example, of the sort of player we could be talking about, a big-bodied player and strong rebounder in the more traditional school of bigs.”

Drummond will make $3.2 million this season, so he would not be difficult to acquire in a trade. Given his familiarity with the Sixers from last season, he could be an easy fit playing both for Doc Rivers and behind Embiid.

Rivers Says He’s Comfortable With Current Frontcourt Rotation

After the Sixers defeated the Orlando Magic on February 1, reporter Austin Krell revealed what Doc Rivers said after being asked about the Sixers’ current backup center situation.

“Doc Rivers, asked if he feels like he has bigs behind Joel Embiid that he can trust in the playoffs, says that he does trust Montrezl Harrell and Paul Reed in the playoffs and that they’ll push each other,” reporter Austin Krell tweeted. “Adds that PJ Tucker will get a look at the backup center spot, as well.”

If Rivers truly believes that, then that might mean the Sixers may not have a reunion with Drummond after all, but even if Rivers is comfortable with the Sixers’ backup centers, that doesn’t mean Drummond may not be re-acquired for depth purposes, if anything.

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