Eagles Comment on Signing Ezekiel Elliott: ‘I Just Think’

Ezekiel Elliott

Getty The Cowboys could consider trading Ezekiel Elliott for Rams CB Jalen Ramsey.

Don’t look for Ezekiel Elliott to be taking any popcorn showers at Lincoln Financial Field this season. The two-time rushing champion might want to play for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2023, but the team doesn’t sound enthusiastic about signing the former Dallas Cowboys starter.

Head coach Nick Sirianni went out of his way to hype up the guys currently in his running backs room, particularly Trey Sermon during a recent media session. The third-year player only appeared in one game — Week 4: October 2 vs. Jacksonville — and picked up 19 yards on two carries. But it’s what Sermon showed in practice throughout the year that had Sirianni pounding the table with enthusiasm.

“Really excited about him. I can’t tell you how many times at practice, and Trey didn’t get an opportunity to showcase his talents except for that game against Jacksonville, but I can’t tell you how many times at practice he made a cut or you just saw him in his pads,” Sirianni told reporters on March 28. “Or he made a play on a screen or whatever it was, it was like, ‘Man, this guy’s got a chance to be really good, wish we could get him touches but it just wasn’t … we just couldn’t do it last year. So, I’m really excited about that room. I’m really excited about the guys we have in that room.”

It was the diplomatic answer, similar to what he said about Odell Beckham Jr. Now, that doesn’t mean the Eagles won’t pursue Elliott if he’s still dangling off the free agency tree ahead of training camp. It’s possible. Sirianni didn’t rule it out, instead, he made sure to throw flowers on Elliott.

“He’s a heck of a player,” Sirianni said. “He’s obviously a great, great player who I had the opportunity to watch from our sideline, you know four times in the last two years, and I just think he’s a really outstanding player.”

Shane Steichen May Have Tried to Steal Boston Scott

Sirianni didn’t come right out and say that Shane Steichen attempted to sign Boston Scott in free agency, but he left the insinuation hanging in the air like a James Harden step-back triple. Steichen, the former Eagles offensive coordinator turned Colts head coach, was quite fond of Scott and let everyone know it.

“Boston’s back. I think that’s somebody you always want to have on your team,” Sirianni said. “And I’m really glad we have him, especially because I know how much Shane likes him, too. So I don’t know if there was anything going on [there] but I know how many times Shane said, ‘Man, I love Boston.’

“We all love Boston. He just provides great depth. What is awesome about Boston is last year he had limited opportunities to make plays but when he did, he made them, and then he made a niche as a kick returner.”

Big Things Expected Out of Rashaad Penny

It’s no secret how much Sirianni respected and liked Miles Sanders. Want proof? His son wore a No. 26 jersey to a press conference last season.

But Sanders left in free agency and the Eagles brought in Rashaad Penny as a potential replacement there. The oft-injured running back racked up 1,918 yards in 42 career games with the Seattle Seahawks. His ceiling is high and Sirianni has been keeping tabs on him since college.

“Anytime you lose a player you’re sad because you lose part of that relationship of seeing him every day but really rooting for him and his success,” Sirianni said of Sanders. “We feel really good about the room as it is right now. Love the addition of Rashaad, wanted to coach him for a long time, you know he was playing at San Diego State when I was with the San Diego Chargers. Really excited about that addition.”

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