Eagles’ Jason Kelce Addresses Possible Philly Mayoral Run

Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson, Landon Dickerson

Getty Eagles star Jason Kelce launched a new clothing line, Underdog Apparel, and non-profit organization, (Be) Philly Foundation.

It’s no secret that Sunday could end up being the final game Jason Kelce plays in a Philadelphia Eagles’ uniform. No one wants to talk about it, but it’s a lingering possibility if the team doesn’t secure the NFC Championship.

If the Eagles lose to the San Francisco 49ers, then Kelce’s offseason begins Monday. He’s a free agent who has flirted with retirement in each of the past three winters. He likely has a wink-and-nod agreement to return if he wants to which is a big if. The legendary center has two little daughters at home, perhaps he finally decides to call it a career and be a full-time dad.

Or, would he throw caution to the wind and pursue a more ambitious goal? For example, Mayor of Philadelphia. The office is up for grabs in 2023.

“No,” Kelce told Heavy when asked if he would run for political office. “That is a great way to be hated by at least half of the people.”

Instead, Kelce will concentrate all his energies on ventures important to him. And support his adopted hometown. The 35-year-old recently established a non-profit organization through his new clothing line, Underdog PHL.

Kelce said: “Hopefully, I can accomplish a lot of things that public office can do by not having to hold public office. That might be the sweet spot that I’m looking for.”

Kelce on Retirement: ‘There’s Always a Chance’

Kelce has long told people that when he’s ready to retire, you’ll know. He announce it loudly and proudly in a bombastic manner, one that befits his Mummer-sized personality.

Earlier this week, the five-time All-Pro (and Hall of Fame hopeful) was asked where his thought process was in terms of possible retirement. Here’s what he said, via NFL Media:

“You know I think, it was maybe three years ago — I think that might’ve been Doug [Pederson]’s last year — it was on my mind quite a bit. So, I’ve learned now that I don’t know when that last game’s going to come. Maybe I think about it a little bit less. There’s always a chance that’s going to be the situation.

“But, you just try to think about the game and focus on taking in the moment and being 100 percent there. It’s hard enough doing it that way. It’s going to be a lot harder if you’re not focused.”

Comparing This Team to 2017 Super Bowl Team

Here’s the thing about comparisons, they are never mirror images and often they add undue pressure. On the surface, looking at their talent and toughness, the 2022 Eagles give off similar vibes to the 2017 Super Bowl winners. It’s been common to hear those two teams compared on sports talk radio and in taverns across the Delaware Valley.

Kelce admitted it to seeing a striking resemblance, but he wouldn’t dare compare them. They both bring great energy and juice.

“Both good. I don’t try and compare too many years,” Kelce told Heavy. “We’re better in some ways probably this year, and better in some ways probably in 2017, but what both those teams have in common is they have an abundance of talent and depth, an abundance of age and youth, and coaches who are young and innovative and doing a lot of creative things.

“There’s a lot of great energy in the building and throughout the front office, to the coaches and the players, and the team is coming closer with every single win so there’s a lot of things that are similar but I don’t like to compare.”

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