Eagles All-Pro Competes in Malt Liquor Challenge, Teases ‘Retirement’

Jason Kelce

Getty Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro center Jason Kelce relived some wonderful memories on Chris Longs podcast.

It’s always fun when old friends get together to rehash the glory days, especially when those guys are Jason Kelce and Chris Long. The two fan-favorite Super Bowl champions linked up last week on the “Green Light” podcast and went head-to-head in a malt liquor blind taste test.

Wait, what? Yes, Kelce and Long busted open the boozy 40-ouncers in a no-holds-barred competition to see who could identify some iconic beer brands like Olde English 800, Colt 45, Icehouse, Hurricane, Bud Ice, Steel Reserve “211” — plus a few wild-card brews. The contest was as awesome as it sounds — eight cups of malt liquor, divided by rounds — dwarfed only by the open and honest dialogue from the former Eagles teammates who clearly cherished their time together in Philly.

Perhaps the most telling moment came toward the end when Long was quizzing Kelce in a “hurricane round” of random questions. One of the questions to Kelce was: “What are you currently worried about?” To which the All-Pro center replied: “Retirement.”

Kelce didn’t elaborate on it, but Long surely tried to sell him on retirement. He joked that the only thing he had to worry about tomorrow was the hangover from drinking too many 40-ouncers, while Kelce would wake up to “existential crises” stemming from football.

Long: I’m just thinking about how this 40 is going to make me feel, which is a lens into my life. Which is much simpler than yours and you should retire at some point soon because it’s amazing. When you get here, it’s awesome! This 40, that’s all I’m worried about. You? Existential crises, contracts, football …

Kelce: What’s going to happen …

Long: I’m just thinking about this 40, bro.

Kelce: That’s nice.

Who won the malt liquor challenge? It went to Long who correctly identified a Mickey’s 40 in the final frame. However, the two friends stayed on the podcast and drank another full beer while swapping their favorite Nick Foles stories, which bars they’ve been banned from, and that time Kelce almost died after being tied to a boat.

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Kelce Reveals Second Daughter On The Way

One of the reasons Kelce may choose to hang up his cleats is to spend more time with his 16-month-old daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth.

Now Kelce has another reason after the 33-year-old revealed he and his wife, Kylie, are expecting a second daughter. No due date was given. But Kelce talked about the importance of being a good dad to his girls during his conversation with Long.

“I literally think to myself about walking girls to their house, like stuff that I did but didn’t really understand because I didn’t have any sisters growing up, nothing, just my mom,” Kelce said. “I never really understood the significance of doing little things like that, and I’m trying to raise my daughters — not to be non-gender specific but not to pigeon-hole them in, and just let your kid be a kid.”

The Eagles seem intent on rebuilding the roster and Kelce has his Super Bowl ring, so retirement could be very appealing. He’s already a Philly legend thanks to that impassioned speech on the Art Museum steps.

And, speaking of that beautiful day, Kelce admitted the Mummers costume he wore for the Super Bowl parade is somewhere in his basement probably damaged by water. Yikes. Kelce also mentioned that the Pro Football Hall of Fame has reached out about putting it on display.

Who Could Be Chris Long’s “Redacted” Teammate

Long unleashed a slight controversy on the podcast when he brought up his first year in Philly and being forced to share a locker with another Eagles player.

The mystery man — Long referred to him only as “redacted” — took on a life of its own on Reddit where users tried to guess. The leading candidates were Michael Bennett, Rodney McLeod, Alshon Jeffery — although Bennett wasn’t on the team in 2017. There is legitimate evidence that it might be Gabe Wright.

Kelce wouldn’t say the name but he remembered it being absurd, adding that even unproven rookie Derek Barnett had his own locker that year. Strange considering Long was a well-respected veteran, the second overall pick in 2008 and a guy with 58.5 career sacks at the time. Long compared GM Howie Roseman to an awkward nightclub owner and absolved the equipment guys from all blame.

Long: I worked really hard in Philly because they never gave you a f***ing day off. I had to share a locker, he knows the f***ing story!

Kelce: That was one of the craziest experiences of my life.

Long: I looked over, Torrey [Smith] had his own locker, LeGarrette [Blount] had his own locker.

Kelce: I still remember that. It was absurd at the time and it’s only gotten more absurd.

Long and Kelce also reminisced about Nick Foles whose mythical persona only grows with each passing day. Kelce called him a “real-life Moby Dick” while Long referred to him as a biblical figure. But please don’t misinterpret what the Nick Foles Shrine meant.

Long: Hey Kelce, can we clear one thing up? That the shrine, it didn’t mean a damn thing in intent, to anybody involved.

Kelce: If it wasn’t Nick Foles, it wouldn’t have meant anything, like Nick’s persona and everything about him probably made that happen as well. He’s just a storybook creature/ Nick is the closest thing to like a real-life Moby Dick, that I’ve ever come across.

Long: He’s like the giants that they reference in the bible. They’re going to talk about Nick Foles in 2,000 years.


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