Tina Lai Lurie, Jeffrey Lurie’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Getty Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and his wife, Tina Lai Lurie, celebrate during the NFC Championship game in 2018.

Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is married to Tina Lai Lurie, a Vietnamese immigrant whose family has owned multiple restaurants in Philly.

Tina Lai Lurie, 49, has been married to the 71-year-old Eagles owner since 2013. She is his second wife, as he was previously married to Christina Weiss Lurie.

Here’s what you need to know about Jeffrey Lurie’s wife, Tina Lai Lurie:

1. Tina Lai Lurie Is the Youngest of 8 Siblings & Came to the United States From Vietnam as a Child

Tina Lai is the youngest of eight siblings. She came to the United States with her parents and siblings in 1978 as refugees fleeing from the Communist government in Vietnam.

“The Lai family came to this country with little more than the clothes on their backs. But with talent, vision, and plenty of hard work, they raised their children and made a success of their businesses. Yes, the Lai family has truly lived the American dream,” Lai’s family writes on their restaurant’s website. “But the reality wasn’t always so bright. Husband and wife Nhu Lai and Thuyen Luu, together with their eight kids, fled Vietnam in 1978 by boat to Malaysia. They spent nine months in Malaysian refugee camp and then boarded a plane from Malaysia to Philadelphia.”

Benny Lai, Tina’s brother, told the Chestnut Hill Local, a Philadelphia magazine, in 2010, that the family was adrift for several days on the South China Sea in a ramshackle boat after they fled Vietnam. They were rescued by good Samaritan sailors and taken to Malaysia.

They then moved into a small apartment in Philadelphia.

“We had told the landlord there would be only four people living there,” Benny Lai told the magazine. “Otherwise, we would have never gotten the apartment. We had to do our homework in the library because there was no room in the apartment.”

They later moved to West Philadelphia and Tina Lai attended Lamberton High School.

2. She Helped Her Brother Manage His Philadelphia’s Restaurants Before Marrying Lurie

tina lurie, jeffrey lurie wife

Tina and Jeffrey Lurie with Eagles fans.

Tina Lai Lurie helped her brother, Benny Lai, manage his Philadelphia restaurant, Vietnam Cafe and also worked at Fu Wah Market on 47th Street, the business started by their parents, according to Philly Mag. She was often seen behind the counter at Fu Wah, according to the magazine.

Her parents saved up money to start the business after immigrating to Philadelphia from Vietnam.

“By 1982, they had saved enough money to start a grocery store in West Philadelphia. In 1984 they saw a new opportunity, and started a tiny restaurant called Vietnam on the edge of the city’s vibrant Chinatown. Despite its diminutive size and simple decor, the restaurant soon earned a reputation for it’s outstanding food. In fact, it could barely contain all the people who wanted a taste of this exciting cuisine,” the Vietnam Cafe’s website says. “The couple worked seven days a week to build their two businesses. In 1989 Nhu Lai and Thuyen Luu turned Vietnam over to their son Benny, who has lifted the family’s dream to a whole different level. The beloved “hole in the wall” has evolved into a handsome space that includes the upstairs lounge, Bar Saigon.”

She became the manager of Vietnam Cafe in 2008, according to Philly.com.

3. Tina & Jeffrey Lurie Were Married in a Private Ceremony in Charleston, South Carolina

jeffrey lurie wife, tina lia, jeffrey lurie second wife, tina lai lurie

Jensen Larson PhotographyJeffrey Lurie and Tina Lai Lurie.

Tina Lai and Jeffrey Lurie were married in a private ceremony in Charleston, South Carolina, on May 4, 2013, according to Philly.com. The couple met while Tina was working at her family’s restaurant, according to Philly Mag.

“We’re very excited for Tina and Jeffrey,” a representative for Tina’s family told Philly.com after the wedding.

Lai and Lurie married not long after Jeffrey and his first wife, Christina Weiss Lurie, were divorced. They separated in 2012.

4. Lurie, Who Has 2 Children, Was Previously Married for 20 Years & His Ex-Wife Is Still a Part-Owner of the Eagles, While Tina Has No Role With the Team

christina weiss lurie, jeffrey lurie wife

Christina Weiss Lurie, Jeffrey Lurie’s ex-wife.

Jeff Lurie and Tina Lai Lurie do not have any children together. He has a son and daughter from his 20-year marriage to Christina Weiss Lurie.

Weiss Lurie, a documentary filmmaker, and Jeffrey were married in 1992 and divorced in July 2012. As part of the divorce, she maintained part ownership of the Eagles.

According to the Eagles, Tina Lai Lurie does not have any official role with the team.

5. Tina & Jeffrey Lurie Live in a $14 Million Estate in Wynnewood

jeffrey lurie home, jeffrey lurie net worth

Google MapsJeffrey and Tina Lurie’s home.

Tina and Jeff Lurie live together at a $14 million estate in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, according to Philly Mag. The home was previously owned by media baron and philanthropist Walter Annenberg, who died in 2002. Lurie bought the 13-acre Cherry Lane home, known as Inwood, in 2006.

“The house has incredible amenities–a golf course, a greenhouse, tennis courts, bowling alley, lap pool–some of which Lurie put in after the fact, though the three-hole golf course was Annenberg’s touch. As of time of sale, the main house had 18 rooms and the grounds had woods and a creek. The Annenbergs employed a landscaping staff,” according to Philly Mag.

Lurie has a net worth of $2 billion, according to Forbes.

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