Eagles Trade $45 Million Star for ‘Impressive Return’: Report

Hasson Reddick

Getty The Philadelphia Eagles are exploring potential trades for Hasson Reddick.

After months of rumors, the Philadelphia Eagles are finally trading Hasson Reddick to the New York Jets. The surprising part is that the Eagles are landing just a conditional third-round pick in return for a pass rusher that has had double-digit sacks in four straight seasons.

There is good news for Eagles fans as based on Reddick’s history there is a good chance the Jets pick owed is a second rounder.

“Trade: Eagles are sending edge-rusher Haason Reddick to the New York Jets for a conditional 2026 third-round pick that could be a second, sources tell ESPN,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter detailed in a March 29 message on X. “The 2026 pick becomes a 2nd if Reddick has 67.5% playtime this season and has 10 or more sacks. If not, it’s a 2023 third.”

Eagles News: Philly Nets ‘Impressive Return’ for Hasson Reddick, Says Analyst

Heavy Sports recently explored a Bleacher Report trade proposal that had the Eagles landing the No. 30 pick in the first round from the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for Reddick. It turns out Reddick’s trade value was not as high as some expected. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell labeled this deal as an “impressive return” for Philadelphia given the circumstances.

“This is a pretty impressive return for a player the Eagles might have cut if they didn’t find a trade partner,” Barnwell noted in a March 29 message on X. “That 2026 pick could be pretty high if the Jets don’t have a post-Rodgers plan.”

Reddick is heading into the final season of a three-year, $45 million contract. In the end, the Eagles opted to save money by replacing Reddick’s sizable deal with a much more affordable future rookie.

Eagles Rumors: Philly Found a Limited Trade Market as Hasson Reddick Is Seeking a New Deal

The pass rusher seeking a new lucrative contract likely impacted Reddick’s trade value. Spotrac projects Reddick’s next deal to be something similar to his present contract putting the star’s market value at three-years, $47 million.

Even with the circumstances, it is a bit surprising Philadelphia was not able to land more in the trade. Few positions are more valuable in today’s NFL than pass rushers, especially a veteran like Reddick who is elite at getting to the quarterback.

Reddick posted 38 tackles, 23 quarterback hits, 13 tackles for loss and 11 sacks in 17 starts in 2023. Pro Football Network’s Anthony DiBona astutely pointed out that Reddick’s actual trade value did not match fans’ expectations.

“It’s clear that Haason Reddick’s trade value wasn’t nearly as high as fans expected it to be,” DiBona detailed in a March 29 message on X. “That became obvious when Reddick wasn’t traded earlier in the offseason.

“So now the Eagles are essentially guaranteed to get what they would hope to get as a compensatory pick in 2026, if Reddick played out the final year of his current deal. Except the pick has upside of becoming a second-round pick, which is significantly higher than what a compensatory pick could be,” DiBona continued.

“… Josh Sweat was willing to restructure his contract and remain in Philadelphia next season. Reddick clearly wasn’t and is rightfully searching for a big payday.”