Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Sounds Off: ‘F****** Put Our Foot on the Gas’

Nick Sirianni

Getty Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni wants his team to keep pushing forward after a strong start to the season.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni did not mince words in the team meeting this week, calling on his players to keep pushing forward in a profanity-laced speech the team shared on YouTube on October 6.

“Keep getting better, keep getting better, keep getting better, the message will be exact same,” Sirianni began. “How do you handle 4-0? Same f****** way we handled 3-0. We f****** come to work every day. We f****** get better every day, and we f****** put our foot on the gas every single day.”

This came the day before he spoke at his press conference about the team playing with the identity of being “mean and nasty.”

Clearly, Sirianni wants to make sure his team plays with edge and aggressiveness going forward, and doesn’t slow down after a strong start to the season.

Practicing Against Jalen Hurts Prepares Eagles for Kyler Murray

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has rushed 24 times this year for 91 yards and two touchdowns, and in his career he’s racked up nearly 1,900 yards and 22 scores. The 25-year-old quarterback is also adept at using his legs to buy time to throw, so he poses unique challenges to most defenses in the NFL.

They’ll seem a lot less unique to an Eagles defense that’s used to seeing their own mobile quarterback, Jalen Hurts, maneuver.

“The fact that they’ve had to handle [QB] Jalen [Hurts] all training camp and all OTAs, it makes it a big difference, at least it’s not their first time doing it,” Sirianni said during his October 7 press conference. “Now, they don’t get to hit Jalen, right, and we’re going to have to go out there and tackle him live, but he’s a really good player. [Cardinals QB] Kyler [Murray] is a really good player. He can make plays with his arm. He can make plays with his feet. Very dynamic playmaker, and we’re going to have to be on it to make sure we’re doing the things to contain him.”

Of course, the flip side of that is it works both ways. The Cardinals defense could also be more prepared for the challenges Hurts presents because of practicing against Murray.

Sirianni Telling Rookies to Stay Prepared

The Eagles haven’t given a ton of playing time to their rookies this season, with second-round pick Cam Jurgens backing up Jason Kelce at center and third-rounder Nakobe Dean serving as a backup linebacker.

Sirianni says their time will come and they need to stay ready.

“You’re only one snap away from having a more predominant role, know what your role is and contribute like crazy on special teams,” Sirianni said he tells the rookies. “[LB] Nakobe [Dean] made a big play on special teams last week on a kickoff. [C/G] Cam [Jurgens] is doing a great job just being in [C] Jason’s [Kelce] hip and getting good reps at practice, [and] we’re gaining more and more confidence in him.”

Sirianni says that showing up in practice and proving a good work ethic will boost the coaching staff’s confidence in their younger players.

“I think [LB] Kyron [Johnson] has done a really nice job of giving us some great special teams reps,” Sirianni said of their sixth-round pick during his press conference on October 7. “So, the message is know your role, contribute in your role, but also look to extend your role. And how do you do that? By coming to work every day, by grinding every day, [and] by showing us you can play every single day.”

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