Richard Sherman Sounds Off on Future With 49ers

Richard Sherman Leaving

Getty Richard Sherman believes his time with the Niners is coming to an end.

Richard Sherman broke his silence on his upcoming free agency, and the corner does not expect to be back with the San Francisco 49ers. Sherman told NBC Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco “something miraculous” would need to happen for him to be able to stay with the Niners. Sherman implied that the 49ers’ cap situation will not allow the team to re-sign the corner, and it does not sound like he is interested in giving the franchise a discount.

“There are a ton of guys that need to be paid and are coming up,” Sherman noted. “Fred Warner is coming up. There are, like, 40 free agents who need to be re-signed. At the end of the day, they have to do what’s best for the majority, for the team. And I got to understand that. And so the numbers are adding up to that I won’t be here, unless something miraculous happens, which would be really cool.”

Sherman Has Had ‘Brief Conversations’ With the 49ers About His Free Agency

Sherman explained that he has had “brief conversations” with the 49ers about his future but is expecting to move on after the season. The 49ers star corner called it a “sad truth” and expressed appreciation for his time with San Francisco.

“We’ve had brief conversations,” Sherman told NBC Sports Bay Area. “I think that there’s obviously a want from both sides to come back and make this work. Unfortunately, I don’t know that the circumstances will allow it. That’s the sad, sad truth. It’s one of those years where it’s not from anybody’s fault that it may not work out. And it will be a sad parting because I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I’ve enjoyed this team. I have brothers on this team, and I think we still have work to do. But I don’t know that the circumstances will allow it.”

We have already seen the Niners make cost-cutting moves to save cap space such as the team trading linebacker Kwon Alexander. Sherman has an $8 million salary this season as the final part of a three-year, $27.1 million contract, per Spotrac. The corner will likely be seeking a similar contract in free agency.

Shanahan on Sherman: ‘I Really Hope [This Season Is] Not the End of It’

Sherman’s comments come just a few days after 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan voiced his desire to have the corner return next season. Shanahan also shot down the idea that the team has concerns about his recent injury.

“Sherm is as good as anyone in those categories,” Shanahan explained, via “Now there’s lots of stuff that go into it at the end of the year and how we’re going to balance all this out and wait to figure out what the salary cap is and stuff with what happens, but I know Sherm’s time here, he’s been everything we’ve hoped and more. And I really hope that these next whatever games we have left, I really hope that’s not the end of it.”

Shanahan outlined how the team approaches Sherman’s future adding that the Niners want to “figure out how to bring back” the corner. The 49ers coach believes Sherman is still playing at a high level.

“I don’t think it ever is as simple as that,” Shanahan said. “Sherm’s a guy that I know I personally, and I know [general manager] John [Lynch] feels the same, we went on our team at all times. Sherm’s a guy that when he does get older and he does descend, he’s such a good football player, he finds a way. I understand his contract issue this year. I understand there’s a number of guys on our team with that this year, but whoever can help us win football games our guys are trying to figure out how to bring back, especially guys who do it the right way.”

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