Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Has Strong Reaction to ‘Let Russ Cook’ Debate

Russell Wilson Seahawks

Getty Russell Wilson weighed in on the "Let Russ Cook" debate.

Seattle Seahawks fans have been having the “Let Russ Cook” debate all offseason, but Russell Wilson finally weighed in on the discussion. Those leading the “Let Russ Cook” charge want to see the Seahawks offense be more aggressive next season and give Wilson more opportunities to throw the ball. Wilson was diplomatic with his response, but the Seahawks quarterback admitted that he wanted the ball in his hands earlier in the game.

“Yeah, I definitely think so [I need to be involved sooner],” Wilson admitted in his initial training camp press conference. “I think the reality is early in the games, rather than us having to be in the fourth quarter to be able to make some stuff happen. I think we have a crazy stat of 56-0 when we have the lead by halftime. Getting ahead is a key thing. I definitely believe in finishing strong. We won a lot of games in the fourth quarter and do some fun things in the fourth quarter, at the end of games. Let’s treat every quarter as the fourth. I think that’s my mentality, always.”

The Seahawks often found themselves trailing in the fourth quarter last season and needed Wilson to work his magic late to eke out wins. What Wilson is articulating is the idea that he wants the Seahawks to press the gas sooner in games rather than waiting until the fourth quarter.

Wilson on ‘Let Russ Cook’: ‘I Want the Ball in My Hands’

Wilson answered the “Let Russ Cook” debate by explaining he wants to continue progressing as a player. It coincides with Wilson’s message throughout the offseason that he wants to be more aggressive on offense.

“The reality is I want to win games, that’s all I really care about is going out there and finding ways to win,” Wilson noted, per “For me in my career, I’ve always wanted to be on this progression, constantly growing, constantly getting better from year to year, from game to game. I can say that I’ve dialed myself into that every single day and committed myself to that every single day… At the end of the day, I want the ball in my hands. I want to be able to make plays and give us a chance to win. That doesn’t always mean just me chucking it around, but it does mean that—I feel like when I get the more times I have the ball in my hands, the more things can happen. I think the defense worries about that too.”

Carroll Wants the Seahawks to Continue to Have a Balanced Offense

When asked about the discussion, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has said repeatedly that he wants to have a balanced offense. It would still be surprising if the offense does not take a few more chances this season. Despite no formal on-field workouts this season, Carroll cited Wilson’s work with the team’s receivers as a reason for optimism in 2020.

“…The work he has done with Greg Olsen and DK in particular, and Phillip Dorsett, we’re rolling,” Carroll explained, per “DK had a bunch of room to grow with as a young guy; (Wilson) had to learn Greg and Greg had to learn Russ, and same with Phillip, and those guys are in here flying around. They look great, they look like they know what they’re doing. They already are showing the kind of detail work that you have to work to earn, and Russell was really in the middle of making that happen.”

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