DK Metcalf Puts Former Seahawks Star on Notice

Bobby Wagner

Getty DK Metcalf is the new leader of the Seahawks.

DK Metcalf has been vocal about how much he is going to miss being a Seattle Seahawks teammate with star linebacker Bobby Wagner. Despite his respect for Wagner, Metcalf admitted he is motivated to play against Wagner noting “he got to see me” as the Seahawks face the Rams two times each season.

“He gotta see me, he gonna have to see me, hey, he know,” Metcalf said with a smile during a May 2, 2022 interview on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast. “I’m gonna run straight into him just so you know, just so we get this. As soon as I catch the ball, I’m running straight into him the first play just to see how it feels to get tackled by B-Wag. …Because I had to play with him the first three years and everybody’s talking about ‘yeah, he a beast, he hit hard.’ I want to test it out.”

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Metcalf on Wagner & Wilson’s Departure: ‘Never Thought That a Day in My Life’

DK Metcalf on Russell Wilson's & Bobby Wagner's Seahawks exit | Ep. 51 | CLUB SHAY SHAYDK Metcalf visits Shannon Sharpe on the CLUB SHAY SHAY podcast to discuss Russell Wilson's and Bobby Wagner's departure from the Seattle Seahawks: "I would've bet my game check, they were going to be here [Seattle] next year." #ClubShayShay​ #RussellWilson #Seahawks SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Club Shay Shay content: Listen to the Club…2022-05-06T17:59:28Z

Metcalf admitted he would have “bet my game check” that Wagner along with Russell Wilson would still be on the Seahawks roster in 2022. The Seahawks receiver opened up about how he found out the surprising news regarding the two stars.

“Never thought that a day in my life, if you would have told me that during the season, I probably would have been like, ‘man, I bet my game check that they’re gonna be here next year,'” Metcalf explained. “And I mean, it caught me off guard just like [it] caught everybody else. I knew I would say probably an hour before the media knew [about the Wilson trade], because the Seahawks called me and told me. Then Russ called me and with Bobby, the same thing, I knew an hour before the media knew, because we got a pretty close relationship, and he told me. But no, I didn’t see that happening.”

Wagner Sees Some Similarities Between Metcalf & Sherman

Despite wanting to test out Wagner’s hitting ability, Metcalf maintains a close relationship with the former Seahawks linebacker. During an April 21 interview on the “Seahawks Man 2 Man” podcast, Wagner compared Metcalf’s passion to former Legion of Boom member Richard Sherman, citing how the attention on the former Pro Bowler intensified after his 2014 viral postgame interview with Erin Andrews.

“I think it’s just a combination between a lot of the personalities that we’ve had before, and so really I just felt like I used my knowledge from those situations to kind of explain to him,” Wagner said. “Sometimes I compare it, not all the time, but I compare it to like a Sherm [Richard Sherman]. When Sherm did that interview where, you know, after he made this amazing play, they stick a mic in his face right after the play, he kind of goes crazy and then everybody like thinks it’s crazy but it’s passion. …Kind of after DK had that amazing play where he chases Budda [Baker] down, like there’s so many eyes on him and so many people watching him. And too, [they were] like trying to play him off his game. So, I just wanted to remind him that this is part of being a superstar and being great. That people want to tear you down, but you can’t let ’em.”

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