Pete Carroll Wants More From Russell Wilson After Seahawks Loss

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Getty Russell Wilson said goodbye to the Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was mostly complimentary of Russell Wilson’s performance after the team’s Week 2 loss but admitted he wished, “Russ could’ve helped us” on the failed overtime drive. During The Pete Carroll Show on ESPN 710 Seattle, the Seahawks coach provided his overall evaluation of Wilson’s performance against the Titans.

“I thought Russ took advantage of the game, well, until that last sequence we just, we had a play-action pass and I wish we could have controlled the ball and checked the ball down there,” Carroll explained. “[We] took a shot at Tyler [Lockett] and then we went up to D.K. [Metcalf] on second down, and then our opportunity escapes us right there. They get the ball inside the 40, you know.

“So, that sequence was the one. I wish Russ could’ve helped us there and just made the completions for us. We needed to just move the ball there and change the field position, at least, in overtime because you’re playing [for a] field goal right there. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it done.”

Wilson on Overtime: ‘We Feel Like We’re Always Great in Those Situations’

Carroll was referring to the Seahawks possession in overtime as the team had an opportunity to win the game after stopping the Titans on defense. Wilson provided an overview of how he saw overtime play out offensively admitting, “We feel like we’re always great in those situations.”

“Yeah, they stopped us,” Wilson explained, per “We almost had Tyler on the sideline on the first play. On the second one, we tried to throw it away because it looked like something was going on over there. I’m not sure exactly. And then the third play, they just covered it well. Tried to move and make a play, you know? And then that was it.

“I think that, no second-guessing, we feel like we’re always great in those situations. And more times than that, we’re always going to be great in those, win those, make those plays. We always have. And so, it doesn’t happen every time. And even when we punted the ball, we still felt like we could win the game. And they made their plays.”

Carroll on Disappointing 4th Quarter vs. Titans: ‘I Hate This, 24 to 9 at Halftime, Come On’

Wilson had another strong statistical game notching 343 yards and two touchdowns while completing 71% of his passes against the Titans. The Seahawks quarterback was also without an interception. After the Seahawks blew a 24-9 lead at halftime, a normally upbeat Carroll was as candid about his frustration as possible.

“I hate this, 24 to nine at halftime, come on,” Carroll said in his postgame press conference. “We took care of the ball all day long, did a great job with the football, wind up plus [in turnovers] and give the game away. It had to have been other big things that happened, which were the penalties, and it was the two hits on the quarterback, those were huge plays for them. The out-of-bounds [late hit], just unnecessary, there were just unnecessary things that happened. We need to be better than that, and I need to be better. I need to help our guys better than that.”

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