Seahawks Denied Key Request From Russ Wilson Amid Trade Rumors: Report

Matt Hasselbeck names Giants as top destination for Russell Wilson

Getty Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

Despite Russell Wilson’s efforts to squash the trade rumors, there continues to be a growing buzz about the franchise quarterback’s future with the Seattle Seahawks. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport revealed new details about last offseason’s tension between Wilson and the Seahawks.

The latest report indicated Wilson’s trade list was floated by his agent Mark Rodgers after the Seahawks denied the quarterback’s request to talk to other teams about a potential trade.

“Last February, Wilson’s agent Mark Rodgers went public with four landing spots his client would consider if he were traded,” Rapoport detailed on December 12. “Wilson has a no-trade clause. Sources say this came after Wilson requested permission to speak with teams but was denied because Seattle didn’t want to trade its franchise QB.”

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Wilson’s New Trade List Was ‘Leaked’: Report

The trade buzz has once again heated up after insider Jordan Schultz reported that Wilson would strongly consider a trade to the Saints, Broncos or Giants this offseason. Rapoport backed Schultz’s report describing it as Wilson’s “possible destinations leaked.”

“This year, independent reporter Jordan Schultz, who has ties to Wilson’s camp and is the son of Seattle businessman Howard Schultz, the former Starbucks CEO, reported that Wilson would strongly consider waiving his no-trade clause for the Broncos, Giants and Saints,” Rapoport added. “A source later confirmed the information, while Wilson didn’t deny it. He insinuated it was not relevant, adding, ‘I’m focused on what we’re doing here. Obviously I love Seattle. This is a place I’ve loved every day, every moment.'”

Wilson Called His Rumored Wish List a ‘Non-Story’

When asked about Schultz’s report, Wilson denied the rumored list describing it as a “non-story.” Wilson has two more seasons remaining on his current contract and later added that he planned to play out his deal in Seattle.

“I didn’t see it, I’m not really on social right now as much or anything like that, but I did see it because somebody sent it to me,” Wilsons said during a December 9 press conference. “No, that’s not in my head right now at all. I didn’t say that either. So, I’m focused on what we’re doing here. Obviously, I love Seattle, this is a place that I’ve loved every day, every moment. I talked to you guys about joy last week.

“When I hurt my finger, you realize that you want to take advantage of every day. I’ve always had that mindset. I love this place. I love this space. I love where my mind’s at. I love where our team’s at. I think that we can be better in this journey, but we can go as far as we want to go in the next five weeks and plus. I think that’s where my head is, so that’s a non-story.

Wilson’s Camp Viewed the 2021 Season as ‘Make-or-Break’: Report

Despite the quarterback’s denial, Rapoport noted that there is “more Russell Wilson trade talk out of Seattle expected this offseason.” Wilson has a no-trade clause which gives the quarterback veto power over any potential deal, but the Seahawks could also play hardball if there is a formal trade request.

The NFL insider reported that Wilson’s camp viewed this season as “make-or-break” for his future in Seattle. If Wilson was frustrated last offseason after making the playoffs, his frustrations could intensify in 2022.

“This year was viewed as a make-or-break one by Wilson’s camp, but it’s unclear if that’s the way Seattle viewed it,” Rapoport detailed. “In fact, similar to last year, the team has a very strong say in what happens next.

“Wilson is under contract for two more years for $51 million, and the Seahawks have two franchise tags available after that. Coach Pete Carroll is always youthful, but he is 70 and would seem unlikely to want to rebuild. Absent a better option at QB or a suitable replacement, the Seahawks could just stand pat and rebuff offers like last season.”