Seahawks Fans Sound Off After Historic Loss

Pete Carroll

Getty The Seahawks fans had strong words after a 23-13 loss.

The Seattle Seahawks fell to the Arizona Cardinals 23-13 on November 21 during a game in which the offense majorly struggled and safety Jamal Adams committed a game-sealing penalty. The fans responded by sounding off on Twitter and expressing extreme displeasure.

There were two main themes on social media in the immediate aftermath of the loss that dropped the Seahawks to 3-7 for the first time since the 2009 season when Jim Mora led them to a 5-11 record and lost his job as a result. Several called out the ineffective offense that couldn’t put points on the board while others criticized Adams for his pass interference penalty that set up James Conner’s game-sealing touchdown run.

I’ve lived through the horses*** of Rick Meier, Jim Mora, and everything in between. I’ve never been more disappointed in the #Seahawks. Time to absolutely CLEAN HOUSE,” one fan tweeted on November 21. Another weighed in and said that it was time for the team to part ways with head coach Pete Carroll after the team only accounted for 13 points.

“Coaches refuse to utilize Ryan Neal, who is clearly better than Jamal Adams at ever facet of the game that we use Adams in,” another fan added while discussing the overall play of the team. “And the reason they don’t use Neal is simply because of Jamal’s contract.”

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DK Metcalf Continued To Dominate Conversations on Twitter

One of the biggest storylines heading toward the Cardinals game was how DK Metcalf would respond to his ejection against the Packers on November 14. The dynamic wide receiver said during a media availability that he needs to “grow up and continue to get better” while becoming a leader on the team.

Carroll also said during the week leading up to the game that he was anxious to see Metcalf back in action and showing off the work that he had put in. The game did not play out as the team expected. Metcalf only caught four passes for 31 yards. Another four hit the ground, including one that would have been a touchdown. ‘

With Metcalf turning in a second consecutive game with fewer than 35 yards and failing to reach the end zone, the criticism grew louder on social media. Some called out the team for prioritizing Tyler Lockett over Metcalf while others said that the former Ole Miss receiver should have avoided a Twitter spat with Shannon Sharpe that took place on October 18.

“Dk Metcalf needs to shut the f*** up more often,” one person tweeted during the loss. “He’s dropped about 3 passes that hit his hands that would have easily changed the flow of this game. He’s been so bad.”

Fans Also Took Aim at Carroll After the Loss

While Adams and Metcalf received a considerable amount of criticism, they were not the only ones. The fans also took aim at Carroll after he left his postgame press conference early.

The head coach first turned heads early in the press conference by going immediately into questions without his customary opening statement. He spent roughly seven minutes talking about the loss before abruptly walking away from the podium and stunning everyone in attendance.

Carroll did ultimately return and explained how he isn’t use to having to handle “this much losing.” He added that this situation was the most frustrated he has been but that he respects the job that the media members have to do.

While Carroll conducted his press conference, the fans on Twitter called for changes on the team. Some said on Twitter that the entire operation needs a restart and also called for Jody Allen to fire offensive coordinator Shane Waldron and defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr.

Select members of the Seahawks said during the postgame press conference that the team will continue fighting despite starting the season with a 3-7 record and losing three consecutive games for the first time with Russell Wilson as the starter. Achieving this goal will not be an easy task, but the criticism will only continue if the Seahawks continue losing.

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Colin Dies
Colin Dies
5 months ago

Wow. Kinda hard to take this article seriously when they don’t even mention RW coming back (obviously) way too early. Seriously, who cares about the headlines about how fast he can recover when he’s under/over-throwing more passes than he’s not.

This is a tough one for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pete…. but some of the decision making in the last 3 years hasn’t been up to par. I have a feeling we’re gonna be looking at some newer staff sooner than later, which might also include RW, unfortunately. But if RW leaves, it won’t be our decision.

I was at this game. Every faucet looked like garbage. Left at the end of the 3rd quarter.

AJ Grant
AJ Grant
5 months ago

It’s a good thing some of these comedians aren’t coaching. No, they play Jamal Adams because he’s 3 times the athlete than Neal is. Neal Couldn’t get anywhere near a quarterback compared to Adams. Go back to your crayons.

Robert Hampsten
Robert Hampsten
5 months ago
Reply to  AJ Grant

Well with just the 2021 season, Adams has 0 sacks and Neal has 1 sack. Adams is not living up to his potential and not producing after getting that big contract. Adams is better then Neal when he is looking to get a big contract but right now it seems he is on the field for the paycheck, not to win.

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