Tom Brady’s Response to Potential NFL Comeback Quickly Goes Viral

Tom Brady

Getty Ex-Buccaneers QB Tom Brady did not take long to respond to potential comeback rumors.

Tom Brady did not take long to responding to the latest comeback rumors.

Hours after a report circulated that Tom Brady could consider a return in 2023 — with the Miami Dolphins mentioned as a potential destination — the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback playfully shut down that notion.

“Anyone who thinks I have time to come back to the NFL has never adopted a 2 month old kitten for their daughter,” said Brady on Tuesday, March 7.

Tom Brady ‘Might Not Be Done,’ Says Rich Eisen

Brady’s response came shortly after a report from Rich Eisen on his show, “The Rich Eisen Show,” on Monday, March 6. Eisen stressed that he’s hearing the potential of a Brady comeback from multiple sources — not just a single source.

“This one just blew my mind: Tom Brady might not be done after all,” Eisen said.

Eisen then went on to detail why the Dolphins make sense as a landing spot.

“The one place that folks are saying to keep an eye out for is Miami,” Eisen said. “If the Dolphins, somehow or some way get a doctor’s report or piece of information from a medical evaluation of Tua [Tagovailoa] that he may not be ready to go, and suddenly there’s Tom Brady sitting in Florida, where his family is located and where he can easily locate himself. Keep an eye out on that, I was told by a couple birdies at the Combine.”

The rumors of Brady potentially coming back to sign with the Dolphins isn’t surprising because it’s not the first time his name has been connected with Miami. It wasn’t too long ago when the NFL released evidence that Brady had “impermissible communications” with the Dolphins as a member of the New England Patriots in August of 2019 and as a member of the Buccaneers in December of 2021.

Why Tom Brady Probably Won’t Return This Time

The 45-year-old quarterback recently announced his retirement on Feb. 1 via a post on Twitter, stating that he was retiring “for good.”

“I know the process was a pretty big deal last time, so when I woke up this morning, I figured I’d just press record and let you guys know first,” Brady said. “I won’t be long-winded. You only get one super emotional retirement essay, and I used mine up last year, so really thank you guys so much to every single one of you for supporting me.”

Brady’s retirement was his second in the span of a year. The seven-time Super Bowl champion previously announced his retirement last offseason. However, he came out of retirement just 40 days after his announcement on March 13 of last year, just prior to the start of free agency.

It’s also worth mentioning that in prior years, Brady had always stated his intention was to play until the age of 45.

The idea of Brady coming out of retirement for a second time wouldn’t exactly be unrealistic. But considering what Brady said in his most recent retirement video and judging by his recent tweet, it doesn’t appear that the 45-year-old will be coming back for an age-46 season.


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