UFC Fight Night 20 Live Results

Heavy.com is reporting live from the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va. for tonight’s UFC Fight Night 20 event. We’ll be bringing you live results for all of the preliminary and main card bouts, so stay tuned after the jump.

Fight 1: Jesse Forbes v. Nick Catone (Middleweight) – Ref: Rick McCard (?)

Round 1: Forbes catches Catone with a left, but Catone clinches quickly. Forbes keeps Catone against the cage, but his corned wants him to disengage. Forbes getting the better of the boxing in the middle of the Octagon. Catone attempts a takedown, which Forbes stuffs. Left hook catches Catone. Forbes controlling the tempo of the fight. Catone with a low blow while in the clinch with 30 seconds left in the round. No warning. Slugfest to start the action up again. Round ends with Forbes holding onto a high single leg.

Forbes – 10-9

Round 2: Left straight connects early for Forbes. Knee from Catone, but Forbes avoids the worst of it. Catone connects with a body kick. A pair of right straights from Catone forces Forbes to clinch up, controlling Catone against the fence. Knees from Forbes. Catone boxes out with an uppercut. Catone’s nose is bloody. Body kick connects for Catone. Forbes clinches up but Catone refuses to be put against the cage.

Catone – 10-9

Round 3: Big right hook makes Catone stumble. Catone with a double leg takedown. Stood up a bit quickly, but not much going on so not a bad call by the ref. Nice combination lands for Forbes, but Catone immediately takes him down again. Forbes battling for a single leg to get the fight back to the feet. Looping left connect for Catone. Catone shoots in again but Forbes stuffs him and clinches up. Forbes puts Catone against the cage with a minute left but Catone punches out. Catone shoots a single that’s stuffed. Forbes and Catone alternating against the cage. A bit of a flurry as time expires.

Catone – 10 – 9

My score: 29-28 Catone

Official Decision: 28-29, 29-28, 29-28 for Nick Catone

Fight 2: John Salter v. Gerald Harris (Middleweight) – Ref: Todd McGovern (?)

Round 1: They touch gloves and begin to circle. Salter’s mouthpiece falls out (for no reason) and the ref stops the action. Salter with a combination forcing Harris to shoot in, but the NAIA national champ sprawls. Back to the feet. Right hook from Salter. Crowd becomes impatient with a few boos coming down. Salter charges in but connects with nothing. Salter shoots a single that Harris stuffs. Salter’s nose is bleeding. Crowd is not pleased.

Salter – 10-9

Round 2: Harris with a jab-straight combination to start the round. Salter rushes in with punches, but nothing connects cleanly. Harris with a combination. Salter shoots the single but Harris stuffs it well, winding up on top of Salter’s back. Harris tenderizing Salter’s ribs. Back to the feet. Salter’s note is bleeding much more now. Flurry from Salter, but again, nothing lands clean. Right hook from Harris. A flurry to end the round.

Harris – 10-9

Round 3: The fighters touch gloves. Harris catches Salter with a straight/hook combo, forcing Salter to shoot the single and get Harris to the ground. Salter was nearly in an inverted triangle position, but Harris slipped it and got into Salter’s full guard. Harris tries to fake some strikes from the guard that causes the crowd to erupt in boos. The ref stand the fighters up. Harris shoots the double and gets right into side control, but Salter quickly regains half guard. Short elbows to Salter’s head. Harris rains down punches on Salter’s head, forcing the ref to stop the fight.

Winner: Gerald Harris, TKO, round 3.

Rafael dos Anjos v. Kyle Bradley (Lightweight) – Ref: Rick McCoy (it’s McCoy, not McCard)

Round 1: Touch of the gloves to start. They trade grazing low kicks. Right hook from Bradley to dos Anjos’ body. Bradley with a high kick, but blocked by dos Anjos. Dos Anjos with a nasty kick to the junk of Bradley to stop the action momentarily. Dos Anjos stuffs a kick and takes Bradley down. Dos Anjos with punches and elbows inside of Bradley’s guard. Dos Anjos moves to half guard. Bradley gets to his feet as dos Anjos tries to take his back. Body kick by dos Anjos. Three looping left hooks from dos Anjos, only the second connects. Huge left straight by dos Anjos to finish off the round.

dos Anjos – 10-9

Round 2: Body kick by Bradley catches dos Anjos a little low, but he waves it off. dos Anjos eats a punch. Dos Anjos with a takedown and into side control. Dos Anjhor works the kimura to no avail. North/south position amuses the crowd. Dos Anjos is selling out on the kimura from north/south and transitions into an armbar, but Bradley escapes. Back to the feet. Both fighters are slugging now with Bradley getting the better of dos Anjos. Dos Anjos regains control, taking Bradley down and getting to half guard. Dos Anjos rains down punches, but Bradley regains full guard. Dos Anjos clobbersing Bradley with hammer fists from inside of Bradley’s guard. Entertaining round.

Dos Anjos – 10-9

Round 3: Left hook catches Bradley. Dos Anjos has to work hard but is able to slam Bradley to the canvas. Dos Anjos in half guard and throwing punches to Bradley’s ribs and head. Bradley regains full guard, but continues to catch a beating. Bradley now working and arm bar, but dos Anjos stuffs it and continues to punche Bradley in his face. Bradley’s right eye is swollen. Bradley now to his feet with dos Anjos on his back. Bradley kicking at the legs of dos Anjos, but instead walks away, allowing his opponent to get to his feet. Single legt attempt by dos Anjos is stuffed, but Bradley is pressed against the cage. Dos Anjos switches to a double but Bradley denies him. Nevermind; dos Anjos lifts Bradley up and plants him. Dos Anjos now in Bradley’s full guard, less aggressive than before. dos Ansjos passes and mounts Bradley, trying for the arm bar as time expires.

Dos Anjos – 10-9

My Score: Rafael dos Anjos – 30-27

Official Decision: Rafael dos Anjos via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Fight 4: Rory MacDonald v. Mike Guymon (Welterweight) – Ref: Dan Miragliotta

Round 1: MacDonald with a takedown into Guymon’s full guard. Guymon trying to work rubber guard but it’s not happening. MacDonald into side control and now to the back of Guymon. Back to their feet. Nice short uppercut from MacDonald catche Guymon as he moves in. Guymon with a weak takedown attempt, which MacDonald stuffs. Punch/kick combination from MacDonald. Guyom catches MacDonald and drops him with a right straigh, but MacDonald gets back to his feet quickly. Guymon throws a kick that’s stuffed and Guymon is put on his back. MacDonald passes to side control. grinding his elbow into Guymon’s cheek. MacDonald working for the far side kimura, now has the armbar for the taking. Sure enough, Guymon is forced to tap.

Winner: Rory MacDonald – round 1 – Submission (armbar)

Crowd is already full. UFC official mentioned that this is sold out.

Randy Couture is on hand.

Fight 5: Nik Lentz v. Thiago Tavares (Lightweight) – Ref: Mario Yamasaki (a local to Virginia)

Round 1: Touch of the gloves to start. Lentz with a low leg kick. Lentz shoots and is stuffed, but Tavares slinks to the ground for just a moment. Back in the center of the ring. Tavares pulls guard and Lentz moves to half guard. Back to the feet. Lentz with another leg kick. Lentz shoots and missed. Tavares works a single but thinks better of it. Nice short uppercut by Tavares. Tavares gets the same jumping guillotine that Ben Henderson nabbed last night, but as he yanks down, Lentz flips forward and escapes. On the feet again. Lentz with a right hook. Tavares with a right straight and a single leg shoot, which Lentz stuffs. Tavares is pressing Lentaz against the cage, but Mario Yamasaki resets the fighters in the middle of the cage. Late takedown attempt by Lentz goes nowhere. Good round.

Tavares – 10-9

Round 2: Lentz comes out more agressive with his strikes. Short left hook from Lentz connects with Tavares’ chin. Lents connects with a high kick. Lentz pressing Tavares against the cage. They trade right hooks. Right straight connect for Tavares. Lents with a solid combination. Lentz connecting with three uppercuts against the cage. Lentz the agressor, continuing to work punch/kick combos. Tavares kicks Lentz in the penis. Short stoppage and they are throwing hands once more. Tavares punches Lentz agains the cage and moves off immediately, connecting with a kick as he withdraws. Inside low kick from Lentz. Lentz tries the takedown b ut Tavares reverse and finds himself inside Let’s guard. Lentz’s nose is bleeding a bit. Lentz looks for an armbar as time expires.

Lentz – 10-9

Round 3: They trade in the center of the cage to start the final round. More low kicks from Lentz. Lentz is trying to throw hook combos but Tavares is slipping them. Tavares kicks Lents in the junk again and has a point deducted. The Bengals would have benefited from this kick against the Jets. Lentz is writhing in pain, not unlike his training partner Chris Tauscherer against Gabriel Gonzaga. The doctor is now in the cage to check on Lentz. Lentz appears to be in throbbing misery. Perhaps against his better judgement, Lentz is up and the fight continues. Tavares catches Lents on the chin with a right hook. Lents shoots but is stuffed. Right hook from Lentz connects. Lentz has to battle hard but gets the takedown, only for Tavares to stand up almost immediately. Body kick by Tavares. Lentz’s right eye is swollen. Lentz is very tired. Right straight catches Lentz on the chin, then another against the cage. Lentz certainly has heart, but he is losing this round. Tavares now pressing Lentz against the cage with 10 second left. Right straight drops Tavares to a knee as the horn sounds.

Draw – 9-9 (due to point deduction for a low blow, but Tavares took the round)

My score: Draw, 28-28

Official decision: Majority Draw (28-28, 28-28, 29-27)

Crowd was all for Lentz and wanted Tavares’ head on a pike.

Brad Blackburn v. Amir Sadollah (Welterweight) – Ref: Mario Yamasaki

Round 1: Blackburn is booed in favor of Sadollah, who is fighting out of Richmond, VA. Even Yamasaki, a local to Virigina, is cheered. Sadollah chants start early. An even exchange of strikes through the first minute and a half. Sadollah looked for the thai clinch but Blackburn wisely slipped away. Amir’s jab is landing. Sadollah clinchs and gets the thai clich for a moment, landing only one knee. More chants for Sadollah. Sadollah throws an overhand right but eats a counter. Blackburn’s pressing Sadollah against the cage. Blackburn bleeding ever so slightly from his nose. Uppercut rocks Blackburn. Sadlloah rushed in, putting Blackburn against the cage with knees, followed by a takedown. Back on the feet, Sadollah connects with a teep to Blackburn’s face. Good finish for Amir.

Sadollah – 10-9

Round 2: Hard body kick by Sadollah. Blackburn with a jab combo. Blackburn puts Sadollah against the cage. Sadollah throwing knees, trying to work out. Referee Mario Yamasaki resets them. Sadollah throwing leg kicks eats three straights, the third of which drops him for a moment. Blackburn pressing Sadollah against the cage. Sadollah shoots for the takedown, but to no avail. Back to the center of the ring. Both fighters exchange and both land some clean punches, with a nice right straight from Sadollah. Leg kick from Sadollah. Sadollah throws a high kick that doesn’t do much of anything as the round closes. Tough to call.

Blackburn – 10-9

Round 3: A body kick followed by a flying knee rocks Blackburn badly. Sadollah take Blackburn down and moves to half guard. Blackburn replaces his guard, only to eat a punch from Sadollah. Sadollah stands up for a moment, only to drop a big punch and move to side control. Sadollah tries to move to mount, but winds up back in Blackburn’s closed guard. Blackburn is holding on for dear life. Sadollah is playing yo yo with Blackburn’s left leg, using it to pull Blackburn into his dropping fist. Sadollah cannot pass Blackburn’s half guard, but he continues to throw elbows and punches from within it. Big punches to the ribs and head of Sadollah as the fight comes to a close.

Sadollah – 10-9

Heavy.com score – Amir Sadollah, 29-28

Official decision – Amir Sadollah, Unanimous Decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27

Aaron Simpson v. Tom Lawlor (Middleweight) – Ref: Kevin Mulhall

Round 1: Tom Lawlor comes out to “Real American” with a feather boa and bandana. Well, he moves a hell of a lot better than Hulkster these days, anyway. Touch of the gloves. Nice uppercut from Lawlor catches Simpson, allowing Lawlor to work the takedown, but not finish it. Looks like a slip for Simpson as Lawlor begins to tee off with Simpson against the cage. Lawlor goes to work with Simpson against the cage, landing big hook combinations that are clearly rocking Simpson. Simpson tries a takedown but no dice. Lawlor’s nose is busted open. Simpson throws a low inside leg kick and eats a straight for his efforts. Lawlor looks great.

Lawlor – 10-9

Round 2: Both fighters are trading in the center of the Octagon through the first minute of the round. Lawlor puts Simpson against the fence, but Simpson switches it and takes Lawlor down. Simpson is holding on to Lawlor for dear life as they get back to their feet and separate. A right hook staggers Simpson, and Lawlor is able to take him down for a moment. Lawlor presses Simpson against the fence as both exchange punches. Simpson lands a nice body uppercut, but eats an uppercut of his own. Simpson punches his way off of the fence well. Lawlor goes for a guillotine but doesn’t have it as the round expires.

Lawlor – 10-9

Round 3: A slugfest to kick off the final round. Settled down, Simpson grabs the thai clin and lands a knee, then puts Lawlor against the cage, only to slam him to the canvas. Lawlor is up quickly and slams Simpson for good measure. Both fighters back up. Simpson moves to Lawlor’s half guard off of a Lawlor submission attempt. Simpson takes Lawlor’s back but can’t get the hooks in. Simpson finally gets the hooks in, but Lawlor is defending well. Simpson stands up and Lawlor works a single leg, allowing Simpson to put him back on the mat. With 30 second to go, both fighters are up and clinching. Both fighters land a couple of hooks to close out the fight.

Simpson – 10-9

Heavy.com score: Tom Lawlor, 29-28

Official Decision: Aaron Simpson, Split Decision, 28-29, 29-28, 29-28

The crowd is crapping all over the decision, but Rogan is right that this was one hell of a fight.

Evan Dunham v. Efrain Escudero (Lightweight) – Ref: Dan Miragliotta

Round 1: A feeling out process for the first minute and a half. Escudero gets behind Dunham and puts him against the cage, but Dunahm escapes. Escudero connects with an uppercut. Escudero has Dunham rocked and against the fence, fleeing for his life. Escudero drops Dunham with a straight, but finds himself right into Dunham’s guard. Escudero grabs the guillotine with both fighters on their side, but cannot finish the hold. Back to their feet, Dunham throws a kick to the body of Escudero. Escudero is put on his back, allowing Dunham to work the front face lock as the round ends.

Escudero – 10-9

Round 2: Dunham throws a lead uppercut that grazes Escudero’s chin. Escudero eats a straight as a counter to a low leg kick. Efrain landing uppercuts against the fence. Dunham attempts the takedown, and is initially stuffed before putting Escudero on his back. Dunham is pummel Escudero’s head within his guard. Dunham takes Escudero’s back and works for a rear naked choke with the figure four locked. Escudero defends well and staves off the choke, but eats some punches for his effort.

Dunham – 10-9

Round 3: Dunham goes for the takedown but feeds his neck to Escudero. Unable to secure the choke, both fighter get to their feet, only for Dunham to take Escudero down. Dunham is rollled over, but manages to trap Escudero in a triangle. Instead of the choke, Dunham grabs the arm and extends, forcing Escudero to tap out.

Winner: Evan Dunham via submission (arm bar)

Nate Diaz v. Gray Maynard (Lightweight) – Ref: Mario Yamasaki

Round 1: Diaz gets the biggest reaction of the evening, and it is entirely mixed. Maynard booed quite a bit as well. Diaz winning on the feet early, working his jab well. Both Diaz and Maynard have shiners under their right eyes. Maynard has a cut by his right eye, looks like it’s under his cheek. Diaz dips his head and eats a couple of uppercuts. Diaz working in leg kicks, but his punched back by Maynard. Diaz and Maynard signal to one another to bring it. Diaz lands combination punches as the round ends.

Diaz – 10-9

Round 2: The fighters circle around the cage, trading punches. Maynard catches Diaz flush with a right hook. Diaz is getting his straight to connect, but the power isn’t there. Diaz jab continues to work. Maynard connects with a knee and pushes Diaz down, but wants no part of Diaz on the ground, letting him stand up. Maynard with a solid left hook to the body. Diaz moves in aggressively with strikes but doesn’t land anything clean. Both fighters implore each other to press the action as the crowd starts to boo. Maynard lets a large breath out as the round concludes.

Maynard – 10-9

Round 3: Diaz is moving forward with punches and even an attempted high kick, but no clean technique. Maynard is inclined to back up and only feign punches. A right hook sends Maynard stumbling, giving Diaz the opportunity to gloat. Diaz is really pumping the jab and using the jab/straight combo. Maynard is throwing big, looping punches that aren’t particularly useful. The crowd is not amused. Maynard’s left eye is now quite swollen. Left straight connects for Diaz. Maynard is just failing to connect with any meaningful strikes in this round. Diaz shoots a single, which Maynard stuffs. A left hook by Maynard connects, but it’s too little too late. The boos rain down as the fight ends.

Diaz – 10-9

Heavy.com score: Nate Diaz, 29-28

Official Decision: Gray Maynard, Split Decision, 28-29, 29-28, 29-28

Very mixed reaction when Maynard asked the crowd if they want to see him fight BJ Penn. I predict Frank Edgar will be the next to challenge for the Lightweight title.

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