10 Things We Learned: UFC 115

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself…

My name is Martin Kampmann, and not that long ago, I was knocking on the door of a welterweight title shot. Then Paul Daley knocked me up in Dallas and people kind of forgot about me.

Well, I showed all of you. I just swept Paulo Thiago over three rounds, coming close with a couple submissions and sticking my jab in his face all night long. Not once was I in jeopardy, and now I should be back in the mix, right where I belong.

Maybe Joe Silva can arrange that Mike Swick fight that fell apart back in October?

Evan Dunham is a Stud

All he did Saturday night was completely dominate Tyson Griffin for three rounds – not two like judge Tony Week submitted. Admittedly, Lance Gibson gave Griffin round one as well; I really have no idea how that happens…

Anyway, Dunham controlled nearly every moment of the fight and earned the biggest win of his career in impressive fashion. He has Griffin’s back all night, and the piggyback – slam – piggyback sequence in the second was one of the best moments of the night.

The win pushes him further up the lightweight ladder, easily cracking the company Top 10 (if one existed) and a step up in competition.

Yves Lavigne Made a Mistake

It’s hard to be a referee; no one says jack when you’re right 99 times in a row, but the minute you make a mistake, everyone is calling for your job. That said, you’re paid to get it right, and by waving off the Matt Wiman – Mac Danzig fight as quickly as he did, Yves Lavigne got it wrong. Big time.

You can’t expect a guy to be overly demonstrative when he’s fighting off a choke hold. You should also make sure he’s out cold or clearly tapping before stopping a fight. Having the choker tell you the chokee is out doesn’t count.

The two fighters will meet again soon, and Yves Lavigne will remain a ref. He just probably won’t be officiating Danzig – Wiman 2.

Water is Still Very Much Wet

And judging is still in need of improvements.

Three fights had questionable cards handed around media row; the aforementioned Evan Dunham split decision win over Tyson Griffin, Carlos Condit somehow winning round one on Doc Hamilton’s scorecard, and Peter Sobotta being shut out by James Wilks despite being the winner on my personal unofficial card.

Right now, I won’t criticize because I’ve never been trained as a judge. What I will do – I promise you – is start looking into becoming a judge, because if these guys can do it, I know I can do it better, and we’ll always need good judges.

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