Struve Falls To Browne In First Round

Travis Browne

Browne defeats Struve via highlight reel KO

The third contest of the main card of UFC 130 ended with a bang, courtesy of Travis Browne.

Browne came out in his bout against Stefan Struve with leg kick after leg kick, but his opponent managed to check almost all of them. Still, Browne had success pressing the action, while Struve’s only true offense came with a failed submission attempt.

Late in the first, Browne finally found a spot to finish this fight, landing a superman punch flush to the face of Struve, who dropped to the floor. Browne moved in for the finish, and the referee saved the victim from any further damage.

Browne, still undefeated, has proved to be a finisher throughout his short career. His victory tonight should help him get past his upsetting draw against Cheick Kongo that haunted him leading up to this fight.

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