Dominick Cruz Decisions Game Demetrious Johnson

UFC bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz

Cruz earns unanimous decision win

Demetrious Johnson did his best to steal the bantamweight belt from Dominick Cruz tonight, but it was simply not enough.

The challenger gave Cruz problems on the feet early, making the champion rather perplexed for the first time in his WEC/UFC career. Cruz managed to figure things out, however, finding his range and continuously avoiding takedowns.

Johnson managed to avoid threatening situations early in the fight, but in the third round he found himself in danger. With Cruz flattening him out, the challenger attempted to avoid being submitted by rear naked choke, though it looked unlikely that he would survive. He did, however, and managed to survive the round.

His energy continued to be trouble for Cruz in the next round, but the champion once again remained composed and avoided any damage, while also easily taking the round. Earning full mount, Cruz was unable to do anything against his opponent, but it seemed that Johnson simply did not have an answer for his opponent.

In the final round, Cruz once again dominated the top contender. Several takedowns and a couple dominant positions later, the round came to a close. Cruz took that one as well, overpowering his quicker but smaller opponent with technique and skill. Like the fourth, it was fairly uneventful, but Cruz still earned his points easily, as the two headed to the judges’ scorecards.

With two 49-48 cards and a 50-45 card, Cruz walked away with the unanimous decision and his bantamweight belt, while fans wonder who can challenge him next. It was an admirable performance by Johnson, but Cruz, once again, proved that he is the top 135 lb. fighter on the planet.

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