UFC 136: Live Blog & Commentary

UFC 136 Weigh Ins-25Complete results from Edgar-Maynard 3 in Houston, Texas

HOUSTON — Heavy MMA is in attendance for tonight’s “UFC 136: Edgar-Maynard 3” at the Toyota Center.

Our coverage kicks off with the first preliminary card fight at 5:45pm ET/2:45pm PT.


Steve Cantwell vs. Mike Massenzio

Steve Cantwell’s drop down to middleweight looked to be a great decision after he put in an impressive first round, but Massenzio came back in the second and took the technique out of the fight. Massenzio elected for a brawling style of fighting and landed throughout the second round after finding little to no success in the first. Cantwell survived, but entered a third round that he certainly needed to win to avoid a four-fight losing streak.

Massenzio once again opened up and lunged forward with strikes. He landed seemingly at will, while an exhausted Cantwell simply could not blast off any of the quick strikes that he displayed in the first. The fight ended with Massenzio reigning down shots on his opponent before a last second leg lock from Cantwell was unsuccessful.

Official Decision: Massenzio def. Cantwell via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Eric Schafer vs. Aaron Simpson

The second middleweight fight of the evening was, quite simply, not much of a fight. Simpson brutalized Schafer from the opening bell, punishing his opponent in the opening moments of the first and throughout the remainder of the round. The second round was more of the same, as Simpson landed quick and powerful combinations when countering the unimpressive stand up of Schafer. But still, Simpson was unable to finish the fight after a pair of very one-sided rounds.

For the first half of the final round, Simpson was far less aggressive, while Schafer pressed forward, landing shots here and there. But just after the 1:20 mark, Simpson finally landed a powerful hook. Schafer somehow remained unaffected and pressed forward once again. The third round came to an uneventful end, and Simpson walked away with a very lopsided decision win.

Official Decision: Simpson def. Schafer via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Darren Elkins vs. Tiequan Zhang

The first round started very quickly for Zhang, who found success in the striking early before nearly locking on a guillotine choke. Elkins escaped from danger and found himself in top position, looking to make a move. He transitioned all the way to back mount, but Zhang avoided the submission for the remainder of the round.

The second round was much like the first, as a guillotine attempt from Zhang allowed Elkins to once again gain a dominant position. While Zhang avoided yet another choke, Elkins spent the better part of two minutes on top. When the fight did move back to the feet, Zhang looked for yet another guillotine, and Elkins took advantag, taking top position yet again and maintaining it, for the most part, for the remainder of the second frame.

The third and final round was more of the same, as Elkins immediately worked towards dominant positions when the fight hit the ground after yet another guillotine attempt from Zhang. The Indiana native moved to the back and remained there for the majority of the round, but could not sink in the rear naked choke submission. Still, Elkins walked away with a dominant unanimous decision victory.

Official Decision: Elkins def. Zhang via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)

Joey Beltran vs. Stipe Miocic

The first round of the lone heavyweight fight of the evening featured the leg kicks of newcomer Miocic. Beltran, who seems quite used to his legs getting punished, continued to get hit, which caused him to look tentative in his striking. Beltran did land late in the first, but that round was almost all Miocic, and Beltran looked to change that with a quick start in the second.

He came out swinging and landed a few shots, but Miocic powered him down to the ground and took top control. From there, he looked for a submission that ultimately allowed Beltran to stand up. Beltran attempted to turn this fight into an all-out brawl and pressed forward without care for his well-being. He took Miocic to the floor and landed several nice shots before his opponent stood back up. For the remainder of the round, the two went back and forth before arriving at an extremely entertaining last 20 seconds where the two simply threw with reckless abandon.

The third and final round, like the second, was an entertaining battle, though Miocic consistently found himself having more success than his opponent, even though fatigue appeared to be setting in. With one minute to go, he took top control and began smothering Beltran. He moved to back mount with 10 seconds remaining, but could not finish the incredibly tough Beltran.

Official Decision: Miocic def. Beltran via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

Anthony Pettis vs. Jeremy Stephens

In a battle of strikers, neither fighter pulled any punches at the start, as each landed nice shots. But Stephens was the first to opt out of the striking, taking the fight down on a pair of occasions in the opening frame. Pettis battled back to the feet to finish the round, but ate a big punch before throwing a ridiculous kick that missed his opponent to end the round.

In the second frame, it was Pettis who worked the fight to the ground. The former WEC lightweight champion moved to half guard and appeared to be looking for a submission. Stephens moved him back to guard, but just briefly. However, he managed to stand back up just before the midway point of the fight. With one minute remaining, back on the ground, Pettis worked to the back of Stephens. In the final moments of the round, Stephens rolled out and attempted to land. Pettis used upkicks to defend as the bell rang.

Stephens opened up the third round looking to wrestle, taking Pettis to the ground. Pettis attempted a triangle, but Stephens escaped, and the two found themselves back on the feet. From that point on, Pettis worked takedowns consistently against the cage. However, he struggled to keep Stephens down, resulting in a clinch battle for the majority of the round. Not the fight everyone likely expected, but Pettis should walk away with his first UFC career win.

Official Decision: Pettis def. Stephens via split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Demain Maia vs. Jorge Santiago

In this middleweight battle, Santiago and Maia were not shy on the feet, trading early and often. Maia managed to work the fight down to the floor on several occasions, including when the round had just 90 seconds remaining. Santiago did well to avoid the submission game of Maia, who could not get his offense going very well.

Santiago blasted off kicks to begin the round, and that set the pace for the second frame. They each traded on the feet, with neither gaining a distinct advantage, but Maia changed that with a takedown just before the midpoint of the round. The Brazilian submission ace once again could not find much offense, struggling with Santiago’s guard. The round came to an unexciting close, and the crowd let both fighters know.

The third round of this less-than-stellar contest once again led to Maia gaining top control over Santiago, but failing to do much with it. He finally worked past the guard of his opponent and was even able to gain full mount, but only for a moment. Maia finished the round with ground strikes from side control. He may have won the fight, but he hardly entertained the crowd.

Official Decision: Maia def. Santiago via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Melvin Guillard vs. Joe Lauzon

Round – Guillard looking to kick, before engaging with strikes. He is looking fast as always. Left kick to the body by Guillard. Lauzon catches Guillard with a hook. Lauzon has his back and looks for the choke. He has the hooks and locks on the choke. Guillard tries to survive, but “J-Lau” forces the tap. Wow. Incredible win for Lauzon.

Official Decision: Lauzon def. Guillard via submission (rear naked choke) at 0:47 of Round 1

Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia

Round 1 – Touch of gloves to start. Combo from Garcia misses, but a leg kick  does not. A body shot lands for him now. Phan preses forward, but comes up short with a combination. Kick and punch combo glances off  Phan. Leg kick from Garcia, who then misses with a combination. Phan is coming up short on punches. He presses forward with a vicious combo to the body, then moves to the head. The fight moves to the ground, and Phan is in Garcia’s guard. He is not doing much. The referee stands them up. Leg kick from Garcia. Phan lands a nice shot, but Garcia recovers. Spinning back kick from Garcia barely misses. These guys are trading, each landing now and again. Phan eats a kick to the midsection. Head kick misses for Garcia. Phan lands a nice right hand, but Garcia got poked in the eye. He is fine. 20 seconds remain. Garcia looking for a takedown, but fails. He slips and falls to the ground, and Phan ends up on top as the round comes to a close. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Phan.

Round 2 – The two featherweights immediately trade, with each landing. Phan with vicious body shots. Garcia throws several punches of his own, but Phan is landing better, more effecient shots. Left hook lands for Garcia. He misses with a big left. Phan misses with a kick. He presses forward with a combination that lands flush against the cage. Uppercut scores for Garcia. He is winging now, but lands another uppercut. Phan with a combination. Garcia is not even covering his face now, but that is just his style. Phan landing at will, but playing it carefully. Garcia misses with a left hook to the body. Phan with a nice combination to the face. Garcia wings a few punches that miss. Phan sneaks in a few more punches. Leg kick from Garcia. Uppercut misses for him. Phan lands a nice combination as the round comes to an end. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Phan.

Round 3 – Garcia with a nice kick to start the round. Head kick blocked by Phan. Another leg kick from Garcia. He comes up short with a combination. Another leg kick from Garcia, while Phan counters him. Phan lands a shot to the body. Garcia floors Phan with a punch to the head. He pours it on now. Phan is hurt, and Garcia is pressing forward. He seems to tired. Left hook lands for him and he looks for the takedown. Phan stuffs it. Leg kick from Garcia after they separate. He is spent, and Phan lands a nice shot. Phan with another left hook. Garcia eats some more and smiles. He is talking to Phan. He lands a leg kick. Phan with a takedown. The referee stands them back up. Touch of gloves with a minute to go. Combo to leg kick from Garcia. This guy is spent, but keeps pressing forward. Phan with a shot to the body. Garcia is missing, but looks for a late takedown. He almost gets it, but can’t finish it. Leg kick from Garcia. He is throwing wildly with 10 seconds left. Amazing. That was amazing. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Garcia.

Official Decision: Phan def. Garcia via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Chael Sonnen vs. Brian Stann

Round 1 – Sonnen immediately shoots for a takedown, but Stann stuffs it. They are up against the cage, Stann pressing Sonnen against the fence. Punch to the body from Stann. More on the way. Sonnen is persistent and finally gets the takedown. He is in side control. Stann attempts to roll, but Sonnen has him down. Sonnen rolls to the back and might actually be looking for a submission. Sonnen now moves to mount and looks to ground and pound. Stann stands up and has his opponent’s back pressed against the cage, but he is carrying the weight of Sonnen. Sonnen slams Stann back to the mat and is in his opponent’s guard. Ground and pound from Sonnen. This is vicious. The round comes to an end without Stann taking much damage at all. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Sonnen.

Round 2 – Sonnen looks for the takedown immediately once again and he gets it. Ground and pound commences again. Sonnen passes into side control, but then moves to full mount. Stann moves to half guard and then back to full guard. He is looking to isolate the arm, but the referee elects to stand them up. Stann lands a nice right hand, and Sonnen shoots. It is stuffed by Stann, but Sonnen is pressing him against the cage. He picks him up and drops Stann to the mat. He is in side control against. Under two minutes to go. Sonnen attempting the arm triangle choke. It is close. Stann is forced to tap out. Huge win for Sonnen. Complete domination from the former top contender.

Official Decision: Sonnen def. Stann via submission (arm triangle choke) at 3:51 of Round 2 

Jose Aldo vs. Kenny Florian

Round 1 – Leg kick by Florian. Aldo blocks a head kick. Another leg kick from Florian. The champion looking patient here. Aldo lunges forward with a combination, but Florian evades. Aldo takes another leg kick. Takedwon attempt from Florian is stuffed, and Aldo makes him pay for it. Florian seems fine, and looks for the takedown. He almost lands it, but they scramble back to the cage. Florian pressing the champion against the cage. Florian can’t seem to get the takedown here, but Aldo is unable to create any offense from this position. He trips Aldo down, but the champion is back up. Florian moves to the back, but Aldo escapes. Florian misses with a combination. The champion is not doing much here. Florian ducks under a punch, but can’t get the takedown. He has Aldo pressed up against the cage, driving knees into his opponent. He is looking for a single, but Aldo escapes. He presses forward again. More knees from Florian. 30 seconds remain. Elbow from Florian. Round comes to an end, and what a round it was for Florian. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Florian.

Round 2 – Right hand lands for Florian. Aldo way short with a flying knee. He backs away to avoid a head kick. Florian the aggressor, as Aldo seems a bit confused. The champion misses with an uppercut. Not much going on, as neither fighter seems ready to commit at this point. Aldo is hesitant, while Florian is throwing many more kicks. The fans boo due to the lack of action. Aldo with a pair of kicks. He lands a straight right. Florian tries to wrap Aldo up, but fails. Another leg kick lands for the champion, but Florian comes back with several kicks of his own. Head kick partially blocked by Florian. He tries to lock up, but Aldo throws him aside. Florian attempts another takedown, but can’t get it, as Aldo circles away. Florian with a nice leg kick. He presses forward for a takedown with 10 seconds to go. He can’t get it before the horn sounds. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Aldo.

Round 3 – Leg kick from Florian. Aldo presses forward with a combination. He is landing a couple shots, but not many are landing flush. Fighters trading kicks and combinations. Aldo lands flush to Florian’s head, but the challenger seems okay. Two jabs score for Aldo, followed by a straight right. Florian shoots for a takedown, and Aldo reverses. He has mount, but Florian escapes. Aldo is staying on him here on the ground. Half guard for Florian from the bottom. Aldo is taking his time from half guard. Florian escapes and they are back to the feet. He presses Aldo against the cage as the round comes to a close. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Jose Aldo.

Round 4 – Leg kicks from Florian to begin the round. Aldo attacks his opponent’s leg as well. Spinning back fist misses for Florian. Aldo with a straight right. An inside leg kick lands for him. They clinch, and Florian lands a knee. Aldo scores a few shots to the head, but Florian is fine. The challenger is attempting the takedown again, but Aldo is defending well. Florian is pressing him against the cage. They separate, but Florian immediately looks for another takedown. He does not get it, but it seems to be draining the champion a bit. Another takedown attempt fails. Florian wraps Aldo up and presses him against the cage. Aldo turns him around. Florian returns the favor, but this time he drops for a single. Aldo defending well and escapes. Body shot lands for Aldo, then a left hook to the head. Florian with another clinch, pressing the champion against the cage yet again. Under 30 seconds left in the round. Front kicks from Florian. Aldo misses with a flying knee, but lands a punch. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Florian.

Round 5 – Final round of the first championship fight of the night. Fighters trade, but neither can connect. Aldo misses with a combination. Florian looks to wrap him up and presses Aldo against the cage. Florian looks for the knee, but slips. He is on his back now, and Aldo is looking to punish his legs. Florian looks to attack a leg, but Aldo avoids and is on top now. Aldo in half guard. The champion moves to mount. Florian rolls and gets out the back door. Aldo stays on top. He is in half guard. Florian pushes his way back up, and Aldo is pressing him against the cage. The referee separates them, but they lock up almost immediately. Aldo is pressing Florian against the cage yet again. Florian reverses and presses Aldo against the cage now. They separate briefly, and Florian throws a knee before looking for the takedown. They are throwing now, and Aldo waves him forward. Nothing significant lands in the remaining moments. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Aldo.

Official Decision: Aldo def. Florian via unanimous decision (49-46, 49- 46, 49-46)

Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard

Round 1 – Feeling out process early in this championship fight. Edgar catches a kick, but doesn’t do anything with it. Nice combination lands for Edgar. Maynard is having trouble finding an opening. Edgar moving very well, dodging everything Maynard is throwing his way. Edgar fakes a punch and goes for the takedown. He presses Maynard against the cage, but they separate. Good stuff from Edgar. Two minutes down in the round. Maynard lands a nice uppercut. He follows up with more nice shots. Edgar is in trouble, much like the first match up. Edgar comes back with a right hand. He eats a right, but seems to be getting his head movement back. Maynard fakes an uppercut. He tags Edgar, who gets floored. He grabs for a leg, but is back up now. Maynard stuffs another takedown. Edgar eats another uppercut. He is in big trouble. Edgar gets tagged with a knee. Maynard has his back, but lets Edgar back up. 30 seconds to go. Edgar’s face is a mess. He takes another shot. He comes forward with punches and is going to survive this round. He is a mess. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-8 for Maynard.

Round 2 – 30 seconds down and neither has landed. Nothing is happening here. Maynard sneaks in a punch. He throws a left hook, but Edgar lands a nice left of his own. Leg kick lands for Edgar. Maynard misses with a straight right. Maynard is missing quite a bit here. Edgar still has his speed and movement. Both fighters missing now, unable to find the distance. Leg kick lands for Edgar, followed by a nice right hand. Maynard lands a punch, but misses with a head kick. Maynard avoids an aggressive Edgar and almost slips. Edgar with a takedown attempt, but it is stuffed. Maynard just can’t get in on Edgar, who lands a nice body shot. Maynard slips on the logo in the center of the cage, as he once again misses with a punch. Edgar moving great now. Lead jab scores for Edgar, who comes back with a combo, and the round comes to a close. HeavyMMA.com scores the round 10-9 for Edgar.

Round 3 – Inside leg kick scores for Edgar to start the round. Maynard looks a bit more active, but eats a jab. He can’t seem to get in on Edgar at all. Uppercut misses for the challenger. Neither fighter landing, until Edgar scores a leg kick. He looks for a takedown, but it is stuffed. Leg kick lands for Edgar. Maynard misses with a left hook. Then a leg kick shortly after. This is a bit of a stalemate, but Edgar lands a kick. Big left hook misses for Maynard. Edgar scores a right hand. He is controlling this round, as Maynard just can’t score. Another leg kick lands for Edgar. Long shot from the champion, but he doesn’t get it. Nice combination by Edgar. He sneaks in another punch. 20 seconds remain. Body shot lands from Edgar, and Maynard misses with a kick of his own. Nice round by Edgar. HeavyMMa.com scores the round 10-9 for the champion.

Round 4 – Edgar lands a punch to the body, followed by one to the head. Maynard misses with a combination and is looking frustrated on the feet. Edgar with a nice right hand here. Inside leg kick from Edgar, and Maynard looks for a takedown. It gets stuffed, but he lands a knee. Edgar lands a nice right hand and presses forward with more punches. He eats a counter, but comes back with another combination, followed by two leg kicks. Maynard is confused on the feet here, missing with a head kick. Edgar misses with one of his own. Maynard with a takedown attempt, but it is stuffed again. Leg kick lands for Edgar. He slips in for a nice punch, and Maynard whiffs badly again. 90 seconds remaining. Edgar shoots for a takedown, and Maynard stuffs it. Edgar lands a vicious uppercut. Maynard is hurt. He presses forward. Big shots from Edgar. Maynard drops and eats several more shots. The fight is over. Incredible comeback. What a win for Edgar.

Official Decision: Edgar def. Maynard via technical knockout at 3:54 of Round 4