Ariel Helwani Goes Off on Joe Rogan for Recent Stab: ‘What the F***!’

Joe Rogan & Ariel Helwani

Getty Joe Rogan & Ariel Helwani

Renowned combat sports journalist Ariel Helwani responded to a comment made by UFC color commentator Joe Rogan.

Rogan sat down with top-ranked UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad for episode No. 134 of the “JRE MMA Show.” And during their conversation, they spoke about Muhammad’s previous opponent Sean Brady telling Helwani on “The MMA Hour” that he had received death threats prior to UFC 280.

Muhammad and Brady met at the event in October and the former defeated the latter via second-round TKO.

Rogan insinuated to Muhammad that Helwani tries to prod fighters until they say inflammatory or scandalous things on his show. “Ariel Helwani likes to get people to say things,” Rogan said.

Helwani Called Rogan ‘Dana’s Boy,’ Refuted Rogan’s Claim

A fan had brought up Rogan’s quick remark during Wednesday’s episode of “The MMA Hour,” and Helwani didn’t shy away from responding.

“What the f*** is that all about?” Helwani said. “First of all, I didn’t get Sean Brady to say that. Sean Brady just offered that up on his own. How could I have gotten him to say that? And what does that even mean in general: ’Ariel Helwani likes people to say things — or to get people to say things?’ And it’s especially rich coming from the guy who was pushing false narratives and false information, and fake information and all kinds of nonsense over the past two years — to the point where people were demanding that he get dropped from Spotify, which I never agreed with.

Helwani then pointed to Rogan being friends with UFC president Dana White, who has been feuding with Helwani for years.

“But I mean, of course, we know what the history is with Joe,” Helwani said. “He’s Dana’s boy. He’s always gonna have his back. But what are we talking about? ‘Ariel Helwani likes to get people to say things.’ I ask questions, people answer them, I move on.”

Helwani went on to say that he hadn’t heard Rogan’s comment and didn’t know the context behind it considering Muhammad “isn’t the biggest fan” of him either.

Helwani Hit Back at Rogan, Saying Rogan ‘Pretends to Know More About a Topic’ Than the Experts He Hosts on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’

Rogan remains the biggest podcaster in the world in large part to the guests he brings on to “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Whether it be a cage fighter, neuroscientist or Hollywood actor, Rogan has engaged in conversation with individuals from countless professions. And Helwani believes Rogan “pretends to know more about a topic” than the individuals he hosts on the show.

“Amazing to me that a guy who sits in his chair with his headset and this microphone, or some version of a microphone, thinks that I’m getting people to say things,” Helwani continued. “What are you talking about? At least I ask people questions about topics that I’m somewhat well versed in, as opposed to someone who sits in front of his guests and pretends to know more about a topic when they’re talking to an expert and pretend to be interested about the topic.

“Now, I’m going on and on about something that I don’t really want to go on and on about, but that is a weird comment. That is a really weird comment.”

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