Chael Sonnen Goes Nuclear on Ex-UFC Champion Who’s Trying to Fight Him

Chael Sonnen

Getty Chael Sonnen

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz has continuously challenged Chael Sonnen to fight via Twitter, and “The American Gangster” recently hit back in a big way.

“The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” and Sonnen have already competed once in mixed martial arts. They battled in 2017 during Bellator 170 and Ortiz bested Sonnen via first-round rear-naked choke. Fast forward five years and although The American Gangster has officially been retired since 2019, Ortiz has been trying to drag him back into active competition.

For example, on August 23 Ortiz tweeted: “@chaelsonnen has the chance for the biggest pay day of his career thanks to me! Will he take it or Chale out? #Ortizvschael2.”

And on September 1, The Huntington Beach Bad Boy wrote: “@chaelsonnen cold feet and writing checks your a$$ can’t cash? Typical!”

Ortiz insinuated on September 6 that he was moving on from Sonnen, tweeting: “@chaelsonnen so the bad guy is going to give the fight too someone else? Next time I see you put your hands up!”

Sonnen Pretends He’s Ortiz’ ‘Virtual Tweet Assistant,’ Goes on Lengthy Trolling Campaign Aimed at Ortiz

Sonnen hasn’t shown interest in taking a fight with Ortiz, or anyone else in particular. However, he’s still not against taking swings at his rivals through social media.

So, Ortiz’s tweet set The American Gangster off into a Twitter rant. “TEETZ,” Sonnen responded later that day. “How ‘bout I hire you a Ghost Writer? You get decent material, I write it off as charitable donation. Win/Win. Thought? (NOT ‘Thoughts’- do one thought at a time for now-).”

Sonnen then went on to play the role of Ortiz’s personal “tweet assistant,” calling her Jen.

“Hi, Titto!” he wrote. “It’s me, Jen, your new Virtual Tweet Assistant! Chael asked me to help you be funny and interesting. Ready? Let’s GO!”

Sonnen continued: “A few pointers to start… 1) -Don’t think. You’re not good at it. 2) -Don’t talk. Same reason.”

“3) -Wet your socks before you go to sleep in the shelter so the crazy bums can’t set your feet on fire again,” Sonnen tweeted. “Burning feet=Bad for Teetz!”

Sonnen then generated some “insults” Ortiz could throw his way. “OK Titto!” Sonnen wrote. “Now that your mind is blank, your mouth is shut, and your feet aren’t burning – Let’s be funny and clever and fire back at Chael! ‘Hey CHAEL! Don’t BREAK my NECK AGAIN!’ ‘If my Chrysler 300 w/fake Bentley emblems hadn’t gotten re-possessed, I’d RUN you OVER!'”

“We’re warming up!” Sonnen continued. “Here’s 2 more, Titto! ‘CHAEL! You DESTROYED me in COLLEGE!’ ‘Hey CHAEL! My HEAD has been named the NEW NINTH PLANET but it’s EMPTY! I’ll KILL you with my ECHO!'”

Sonnen Continued His Twitter Onslaught

And Sonnen was just getting started there. Not letting up, The American Gangster tweeted: “Titto… Virtual Jen asking for a little help here… Have you ever done anything we can brag about that I can enter into my trash-talk program? My search turns up nothing but failure and stupidity.”

Switching to a new role, Sonne continued: “Hi, Titto! I’m Ken, your new Virtual Assistant. Jen spent all night searching the Internet for information about you that was interesting, and then she deleted herself when she couldn’t find anything.”

“Titto -Let’s try a different way!” Sonnen tweeted. “I have all of Jen’s data, so we can skip past the stupidity, awful decisions, and insipid failures that populate your past, and skip right to the present!”

“Maybe something interesting happened in the Men’s shelter last night?” Sonnen finished. “Anybody get shanked in the shower? Taken in for questioning? Jen told me they set your feet on fire. Last year! Any info will help ME help YOU.”

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