Michael Chandler Channeled The Rock During Conor McGregor Call-Out on WWE Raw [WATCH]

Michael Chandler calls for Conor McGregor fight at WWE show.

WWE Michael Chandler calls for Conor McGregor fight at WWE show.

Michael Chandler has not given up hope of luring Conor McGregor into a UFC Octagon for a money-spinning mega-bout.

On Monday, he even cut a professional wrestling-style promo live on a WWE show, calling out his UFC rival, who is yet to return after years away from the cage.

“Hey, what’s up Anaheim?” Chandler said, bellowing into a mic to a passionate crowd on a WWE Raw show in Southern California.

In a style befitting of the most talented crowd-workers on the WWE roster, Chandler said: “You are now in the presence of the most entertaining UFC fighter on the planet.”

Then, channeling the iconic WWE superstar The Rock, Chandler added: “Now, there’s a man from Ireland who has been making me wait way too long. And I still got one dude on my mind.

“Conor McGregor; get your candy-ass back to the Octagon as we’ve got unfinished business!”

Watch Chandler’s call-out right here:

How Chandler’s WWE Appearance Came to be

Chandler’s cameo at a live WWE show is the greatest example yet of the cross-pollination that can happen between the market-leading pro wrestling firm, and the most powerful MMA company in the world, following the merger of the two companies in September, last year.

As ESPN reported at the time, the two companies combined under the TKO umbrella, and thus ushered in a new era in combat sports and sports entertainment.

“Where we want to get is where every UFC fan is a WWE fan and every WWE fan is a UFC fan,” UFC senior executive vice president Lawrence Epstein, who is also the COO, told ESPN.

UFC boss Dana White dismissed Epstein’s comments at a press conference Heavy attended, saying in September 2023, that it was “one of the dumbest statements of all-time.”

But, fast forward to February 2024 and we can see that there are efforts at least to market the UFC to WWE fans.

Is McGregor vs. Chandler a Plausible Fight to Make?

McGregor and Chandler have been linked to one another ever since it was confirmed they’d star as rival coaches on the hit reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter, which aired from May to August in 2023.

Tradition dictates that the rival coaches compete in a fight of their own after the show concludes.

Though this bout is yet to materialize, it remains one Chandler has pursued with vigor, culminating with his appearance this week on WWE Raw.

McGregor, also, wants to fight Chandler.

In a since-deleted post on X, the social media site better-known as Twitter, McGregor said he was targeting a return in the summer — possibly headlining the UFC’s International Fight Week card on June 29, titled UFC 302.

In December 2023, McGregor said, according to ESPN: “The greatest comeback of all time will take place in Las Vegas … the opponent, Michael Chandler — and the weight … 185 pounds.”

Speaking on the Pat McAfee show, White said on February 7 that the UFC is at least hoping to see McGregor fight “this year.”

He said: “Eventually, hopefully this year. There is no date [right now].”

White later added that he’s “hoping” he could book a McGregor bout “for the fall.”

Though White did not mention who McGregor could compete against, Chandler would still be the likely front-runner due to their shared history.