‘D*ckhead’ Jake Paul Is on Star’s Radar: ‘I Would Smoke Him’

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva

Getty Jake Paul and Anderson Silva

Social-media-superstar-turned-boxer Jake Paul remains in the crosshairs of his YouTube counterpart, KSI.

KSI, like “The Problem Child,” has ventured into boxing and he’s set to battle FaZe Temperrr on Saturday via DAZN. Although KSI is Jake’s older brother Logan Paul’s business partner, the two have maintained a heated rivalry for years.

And a fight between them is likely the biggest that can be made in the YouTuber-boxing realm.

KSI spoke with Ariel Helwani on MMA Fighting’s “The MMA Hour” about The Problem Child, and KSI made it clear that he believes he has what it takes to hand Paul the first defeat of his 6-0 career. KSI also outlined why he believes the hate has continued between them for so long.

Update: KSI needed less than one round to starch FaZe Temperrr. He knocked out the eSports gamer in the Misfits Boxing 4 main event.

KSI Wants to Prove His Mettle By Beating the Likes of Temperrr & Former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley

“I don’t know, we’ve kind of just hated each other for so many years,” KSI said to Helwani. “I think there are several reasons, but because I don’t really dwell on it until it’s time, so I don’t really know.

“I think it’s ego. It’s one of the ones where he thinks he’s better than me, I think he’s trash, and I believe — I know everyone else doesn’t believe, and a lot of people believe that he’s going to destroy me, but I know what I am, and I know what I’ve done training wise, and I know I would smoke Jake. But I kind of need to show everyone what I know. And through me fighting people like [Tyron] Woodley and Temperrr…all these people in the atmosphere, people then will start to believe that I’m actually about it.

“We just don’t see eye to eye,” KSI continued. “I just think he’s a d***head. I just don’t think he’s a good person. I know he’s got friends, I know he’s got a lot of people that like him, but there’s a lot of people that hate him, and I’m one of them. I just don’t like him. I just don’t like everything about him. And I feel like he also tries to s*** on everything that I have done, or that I have worked hard for. When I look at him I go, ‘Compared to what you’ve done, to me, you are not on my level, but I’m still going to show you.’

“Someone who is devoting all their time into boxing, I can still come from all my music tours, all my YouTube videos, all my Sidemen videos, whatever, my Prime, etc., I can come into your realm and still knock you out.”

KSI Wants to Battle Conor McGregor

Should KSI get what he wants – a victory over Paul – then he’d love to take on former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor.

“I was thinking, after I flatline Jake, how cool would it be to have a go at the king, [Conor McGregor]?” KSI said. “I believe in myself so much, that I think I can take on anyone, within reason. …

“You never know. But I’m always down. If it makes sense and it really excites me, and if I’m there — for me, legacy is my word. … It’s the reason why I do everything. So if I’m there like, ‘Yo, this would be crazy for my legacy!’ But it’s not like I want to just fight and get money. No. I want to fight and win, bro. Because that is special. Cool, taking part is dope, but winning? Nothing can compare.”

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