Joe Rogan Bashed by Conor McGregor Ahead of UFC Return

UFC, Joe Rogan, Conor McGregor

Getty Commentator Joe Rogan (L) interviews UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

UFC superstar Conor McGregor bashed color commentator Joe Rogan for his work on the mic at one of his fights.

Former two-division champion McGregor has been on the sidelines since his last outing against former interim lightweight titleholder Dustin Poirier in Jul. 2021 at UFC 264. McGregor earned a good first round before suffering a horrific leg break injury that broke his tibia/fibula. He needed to undergo surgery and was expected to sit out in recovery.

On Wednesday, Nov. 23, ‘The Notorious’ went on a rant about his fight with former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in Oct. 2018 at UFC 229. Nurmagomedov dominated McGregor throughout the contest and dispatched him with a submission in the fourth round.

During the bout, McGregor landed an illegal knee on the head of Khabib, who was in a dominant side position on top of him.

McGregor started his diatribe by praising the illegal strike.

“I call this knee strike ‘the springbok’ Remember reebok?” McGregor wrote. “Ye well this is springbok. You ever see a springbok jump? We’ll just have a look at that knee springbok into this eye sock hahahaja I’m the goat of unseen shots. That’s without question. God bless the dead.”

McGregor Bashed Rogan for Commentary Bias

‘The Notorious’ shared a clip of the illegal knee he landed in his fight with Khabib. Rogan, who was on commentary duties for the highest-selling pay-per-view in mixed martial arts history, favored the unbeaten Dagestani in his analysis.

“He’s getting smashed,” Rogan said in the video. “That was an illegal knee on the ground by Conor, a knee to the head of a downed opponent.”

McGregor took issue with Rogan’s comments and bashed the popular podcast host for an apparent commentary bias. While referencing his TKO win over Donald Cerrone, McGregor issued a fiery response to dismiss Rogan’s comments.

“That’s smashed up pal. @joerogan. You ever see me like that? Never.”

He followed up with a final audio message aimed at Rogan, captioned: “@joerogan proper Twelve blow the jaw off you stick to that other gick boondock head.”

“That was an illegal knee on the head of a grounded opponent,” said McGregor. “Shut up Joe. You little fool. What are you talking about, smash this and smash that? What was smashed was my knee into his f**king eye socket. ‘That’s a knee to a grounded opponent, call the cops. F**king tick, you.”

McGregor Hinted at a Comeback in Early 2023

The Irish icon recently wrapped up shooting for his Hollywood debut in the upcoming reboot of the 1989 cult classic “Road House” alongside A-list actor Jake Gyllenhaal. He appears to be recovering well and looks more jacked than ever, indicating a return to his traditional lighter-weight classes would not be in the cards.

UFC president Dana White confirmed McGregor would need to remain in the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) drug testing pool for at least six months before he would be eligible to step inside the octagon.

McGregor teased his return to action on Twitter, writing, “I am clear for testing in February. I will complete my two tests per USADA and we are booking a fight.”