Fans Slam ‘Strange’ Tattoo of Women’s UFC Champion

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Fans were shocked by a tattoo someone got of a female UFC champion and voiced their opinions on social media.

On April 1, 2022, an Instagram account shared several photos of a tattoo by artist MASHKOW of UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas.

The artwork was a post-fight mangled face of Namajunas with her nickname “Thug” across her forehead, her famous quote “I’m the best” on her cheek, and several other words, including the artist’s name.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Slammed the Tattoo as a ‘Terrible Idea’ & ‘Cringe Af’ Despite the Artwork Being ‘Phenomenal’

Fans took to Twitter and Instagram to share their thoughts on the tattoo. Most of the fans agreed that the artwork was good, but a weird choice for a tattoo.

“what the f*** is this,” someone wrote.

“This is phenomenal artwork but a very strange tattoo imo,” someone tweeted.

“Good work… I guess. Terrible idea for sure,” someone wrote on Instagram.

“Tbf it’s a hard af picture but I wouldn’t get it tattooed on me,” a fan tweeted.

“I mean if he likes it,” a fan wrote on Instagram. “What a dumba** tattoo,” someone else commented.

“Cringe af, but you have to admit the artist did a perfect job technically,” someone said.

“While that is a nice tattoo.. I am not sure if you will still appreciate it in the future,” another fan wrote.

“now why would she have black liquid pouring out of her mouth???” a fan asked. 

“This is f****** terrible things,” someone tweeted.

“What’s that black drool?” someone asked in the Instagram comments.

“he is good but bad idea imo to put that on your body and mf tagged himself in the tattoo,” someone else tweeted.

“He probably paid for that tattoo close to what the prelim fighters get from the UFC,” someone joked. 

Former Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk Thinks Rose Namajunas Will Best Carla Esparza in Rematch

Former UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk spoke to MMA Junkie on March 15, 2022, while attending Eagle FC and gave her prediction for the Rose Namajunas vs. Carla Esparza rematch slated for May 7, 2022 at UFC 274.

“I think that Rose will defend her belt,” Jedrzejczyk told the outlet. “Carla won back in the day in 2014, but both of them are totally different fighters, different athletes with different mentality, as well, but I think that Rose will win this fight. She’s very strong. She’s very, very fast. Her timing is just perfect with her footwork. Of course, Carla has a few wins streak, but Rose is a different level, I think.”

Their fight is a remake eight years in the making. They first met at the Season 20 “The Ultimate Fighter 20” finale in 2014 where Esparza submitted Nmajunas in the third round. With that win, she became the first 115-pound champion in UFC history.

Namajunas became champion when she defeated longtime champion, Jedrzejczyk at UFC 217 on November 4, 2017. She would defend the title in the rematch but lost it to Jéssica Andrade via a controversial slam KO. She won the title back after defeating Zhang Weili at UFC 261 in 2021 and retained the title at UFC 268 the same year.

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