UFC Legend Blasts Jon Jones: ‘You Were Cheating’

UFC Star Jon Jones


Former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is not buying his longtime rival’s story about hiding from a drug test after smoking marijuana. Former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently said on Twitter that years ago, he hid under a cage from the Nevada State Athletic Commission while at the Jackson Wink MMA Academy in Albuquerque.

“DC” says he heard stories of Jones hiding from a drug test, but never brought it up during their two fights. During an episode of his ESPN podcast, “DC & Helwani,” Cormier gave his thoughts on the former light heavyweight champion’s story.

“I think it was before we fought the first time. I was like ‘wow, it was actually true!’ I heard it for years,” Cormier said via Bloody Elbow. “I didn’t use it (and bring it up during our fights) because I couldn’t prove that it was true.”

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Cormier Is ‘Not Buying’ That Jones Was Hiding Because of Marijuana

The incident happened around 2015 and “Bones” says that he was only smoking marijuana.

“The reality is, if it’s true, and with Jones’ history, if you believe that was marijuana, you’re as stupid as him,” Cormier said. “I mean you’re as dumb as him because that’s the dumbest excuse. ‘I smoked, so that’s why.’ C’mon man, that’s not true. I’m sorry, Jones. I’m not buying it.

“You were cheating. You were cheating just like all those other times. He got scared he hid underneath the Octagon. Boy, you got to have a criminal mindset to know that’s the place that they’re not gonna look.”

DC then pictured what it would be like to hide under the ring at the Jackson Wink MMA Academy.

“Can you imagine that?” Cormier continued. “Under the Octagon? How long? What’s under there? Think about that. Storage. Is it storage? Are there boxes under there? Is there a whole bunch of old equipment? Are there roaches? There’s roaches under there for sure. No light. And at what point do you feel safe to come out? Is there somebody calling him? Did he have his phone under there? Was he sitting with his legs crossed? Was he laying down? There were so many factors as to what he was doing under that Octagon.”

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Cormier Said That Hiding Under the Cage Should Have Been ‘Rock Bottom’ for Jones

DC believes that hiding under the cage should have been a moment of self-reflection for Jones.

“That should’ve been rock bottom. Honestly, like ‘man, I’m doing stuff so wrong that I’m hiding under an Octagon from drug testers,’” Cormier said via Bloody Elbow. “The guy failed drug tests on multiple occasions after we fought, before we fought. I know that the guy does bad things, but to hear that was real? Yeah, it’s very disappointing. It sucks, because ultimately, like I’ve said a number of times, I don’t feel like the guy needed all that stuff in order to win fights.

“And then what about the rest of the people? How do you look at everybody else? Like this was not done individually, so who else was involved in him doing that? You got to look at a lot of people in that gym and go ‘wow you guys are kind of dirty.’”

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