Proposed Commanders Trade Lands 3 First-Round Picks from Vikings

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Getty T.J. Hockenson makes a catch.

Everything suggests that the Washington Commanders will use the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft and select their future quarterback. After trading Sam Howell, the likelihood of that went up, unless they plan on starting Marcus Mariota. However, the Commanders could be intrigued with a haul they can’t deny. After the Minnesota Vikings traded for another first-round pick, they could be the team that offers Washington something they can’t deny.

In a mock trade by R.J. White of CBS Sports, he proposed a medium-value deal that would send the Vikings the No. 2 pick for No. 11, No. 23, No. 108, a 2025 first-round pick, and a 2026 second-round pick. White used his pick value chart to create the deal.

“If the Commanders don’t put a severe discount on a pick two years out instead of one, this is a way for the Vikings to complete a similar overpay to what the 49ers did to move up to No. 3 and ultimately take Trey Lance. That deal also included a pick two years out, so it’s a good one to use for comparison, and there were several teams that year that needed a quarterback, with two more ultimately going in the top 15 picks.

“And yet, with the Commanders’ need at QB, this probably isn’t enough to get a deal done either.”

This would be a massive haul, but White believes the Commanders would deny it.

Should the Commanders Accept a Trade Similar to This if Offered?

If the Washington Commanders were offered this exact haul from the Minnesota Vikings, it’s tough to say no. However, if they view the top three quarterbacks as potential franchise changers, drafting them is the smart thing to do.

Moving back to No. 11 could land them another quarterback, but it’s almost certain that they wouldn’t be able to draft Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels, or Drake Maye. J.J. McCarthy could be around at No. 11, but even that seems unlikely at this rate.

White added what he felt would be needed for the Commanders to trade that pick to the Vikings or any other team.

“The 2024 quarterback class is unlikely to be as highly graded from No. 1 (Caleb Williams) to No. 4 (likely J.J. McCarthy for many teams) as that 2018 class, but it’s possible there’s just as much competition to move up.

“The Commanders at No. 2 and the Patriots at No. 3 would likely need to be blown away to move down considering their QB need, but we can’t rule that scenario out if they aren’t 100% sold on the available prospects and if they’re presented with enough of an overpay for the pick.”

Commanders Need to Draft a Quarterback

The Washington Commanders need a franchise quarterback and there’s not a better draft class than this one to do it. If it was most other years and a team wanted to trade up, it should’ve been something they thought about.

However, unless the Minnesota Vikings are willing to move more compensation, which is highly unlikely, the Commanders need to focus on finding a quarterback of the future.

It’s been years since this organization has had a franchise quarterback and it’s time for that to finally change.

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