How to Watch ‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Men’s Tell-All Episode Online

How to Watch The Bachelorette Online Tonight


Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2019 is the Men’s Tell-All Special, with Hannah Brown coming face to face with her exes from the show. As she comes to the end of season 15, Brown continues to narrow down the men on the show. And, tensions continue to rise. The Bachelorette airs at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT on the ABC network and, for those who want to watch the MTA show as it airs but do not have a cable subscription, there are still plenty of options.

If you don’t have cable, you can watch a live stream of ABC on your computer, phone, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV or other streaming device via one of the following cable-free, live-TV streaming subscription services:

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue–which doesn’t require an actual PlayStation console to sign up or watch–offers four different live-TV channel packages, all of which include ABC (live in select markets).

You can start a free 5-day trial of PS Vue right here, and you can then watch a live stream of ABC on your computer via the PS Vue website, or on your phone (Android and iPhone supported), tablet, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation (3 or 4), or other supported device via the PS Vue app.

If you can’t watch live, PlayStation Vue comes included with cloud DVR.

Hulu With Live TV

In addition to a Netflix-like on-demand streaming library, Hulu also offers a bundle of 60-plus live TV channels, which includes ABC (live in select markets).

You can sign up for “Hulu with Live TV” right here, and you can then watch a live stream of ABC on your computer via the Hulu website, or on your phone (Android and iPhone supported), tablet, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Echo Show or other streaming device via the Hulu app.

If you can’t watch the show live, “Hulu with Live TV” comes with both its extensive on-demand library (which has most new episodes available after they air) and 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage (with the ability to upgrade to “Enhanced Cloud DVR,” which gives you 200 hours of DVR space and the ability to fast forward through commercials).

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now offers several different channel packages, all of which include ABC (live in select markets).

You can start a free trial right here, and you can then watch a live stream of ABC on your computer via the DirecTV Now website, or on your phone, tablet or streaming device via the DirecTV Now app.

If you can’t watch The Bachelorette live, DirecTV Now comes with included cloud DVR.

In addition to the above live streaming options, Amazon has season 15 episodes of The Bachelorette available for purchase. You can buy individual episodes in SD for $1.99 or in HD for $2.99, while the entire season 15 for $9.99.

When reflecting on her journey on The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown spoke with Entertainment Tonight and said, “My heart gets broken a lot for a lot of different reasons on this season. Of course, Luke breaks my heart, but my heart gets broken through all of this because of just learning and growing and putting my heart out there in the way that I did.” Luke Parker has caused quite a stir this season and he is shown returning to the show, after being asked to leave, tonight. He is met with upset from the final 3 on the show, as well as from Brown, when he returns after an unsuccessful overnight date, attempting to win back Brown. He also sits in the hot seat during the Men’s Tell-All segment.

There have been so many scandals that have surrounded the show this season, in addition to all the crazy moments from this season’s villain, Parker. For those unaware, several of the season 15 contestants have been reported to have had girlfriends when appearing on the show. So, THIS IS YOUR MAJOR SPOILERS WARNING. If you do NOT want to know any spoilers about this season’s winner or other details about the finale, STOP READING NOW.

Now let’s get into the juice. According to Reality Steve, the man who Hannah Brown ends up with on the finale also ends up getting broken up with … Jed Wyatt is the reported winner who got engaged to Brown but, after a girlfriend scandal hit the public, it was reported that Brown broke off their engagement and then their relationship. A woman named Haley Stevens revealed that Wyatt originally had gone on The Bachelorette to promote his career, which he did admit to on the show. But, she also said they were a committed couple when Wyatt left to film the show. She even revealed text messages from Wyatt about how he loved her and that they would be together once filming was over, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Reality Steve stated that, “I don’t think for a second Jed ever thought that Haley would speak to the media and show receipts. Well, she did and now he must suffer the consequences. The consequences of being a broken engagement and heavy media criticism … If Haley never provided receipts, then sure, it’s a ‘he said, she said’ and there would be people who’d take Jed’s side over her … If he tries to downplay the relationship, the receipts prove otherwise.”

Reality Steve continued, saying, “He could come out and say, ‘I broke up with her, we were over, she knew we were over and she’s lying,’ but if that’s the case, then why are you telling her you love her before you get on the plane to go film and to wait for you? The guy just needs to own what he did, realize it cost him a relationship, grovel, beg, say you ruined the best thing you ever had with Hannah, and maybe that’ll garner you some sympathy with the viewers.”

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