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How to Watch Sling TV Online

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Sling TV

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Sometimes, we don’t want to have to download a separate app or be limited to specific devices for watching the latest in television and movies. If you live in a home with multiple computers or frequently have access to different PCs, Sling TV’s web browser viewing experience may be the best solution for you. The subscription-based video-on-demand and live TV streaming service offers viewers the opportunity to catch up on their favorite shows or keep an eye on the local news from the convenience of a web browser.

Sling TV is a commitment-free alternative to your local cable company, and we consider it one of the best streaming services available in 2020. The video-on-demand and live TV streaming service offers many of the benefits of local cable with additional perks none of the hassle. With Sling, there is no need for unsightly wires or a separate cable box attached to your television. Sling TV also includes free Cloud DVR so you don’t fall behind on your weekly shows during a busy week and a “Favorites” tab for instant access to your preferred programs and movies.

By signing up for Sling TV and watching it online, you’ll be able to bring your TV with you. Whether you’re on your home PC or using your laptop on the road, you can access your library of more than 50,000 on-demand movies and TV shows and keep up with local events with your live TV lineup. With more than 45 available channels that run 24/7, you won’t have a shortage of things to watch no matter where you are, so long as you have a PC with Internet access.

Sling offers multiple subscription services along with extras like premium sports networks and national news channels. Once you’re signed up, you can cancel at any time or upgrade/downgrade the service you chose without penalty.

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Can You Stream Sling TV Online On a PC? Mac? Chromebook?

Yes, you can stream Sling with either a PC or Mac, as long as you download Google Chrome on that device. Of course, Chrome already comes preinstalled on Chromebooks, so you’re good there, too.

How to Stream Sling TV Online

To access Sling TV from a web browser, you will need to have Google Chrome. Currently, no other web browser is compatible with Sling’s online viewing. Accessing Sling TV via Google Chrome is a quick and simple process laid out below:

To Download Google Chrome

  1. Open your current browser
  2. Type “google.com/chrome” in your address bar
  3. Click “Download Chrome”
  4. Install the Google Chrome web browser

If You Have Google Chrome Already

  1. Launch Google Chrome
  2. Sign up for Sling TV here
  3. In the Google Chrome address bar, type “watch.sling.com”
  4. Log in with your username and password

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see the Sling TV live streaming services and the assortment of channels available to you. Navigating Sling online is user-friendly so you can find your desired program easily.

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Internet Speed Requirements for Sling TV

While Hulu only requires a 3Mbps internet connection speed to stream, Sling TV requires a broadband home internet connection of at least 5.0Mbps (and 25Mbps or higher is recommended). So, yes, it is a bit more of a data hog than the other streaming services available now, but if you’ve got a fast internet connection already, you should be good to go for Sling TV.

Sling TV Pricing Options

There are currently three different Sling TV packages for you to choose from – each of which has its pros and cons.

Sling Orange is $30 per month, and it gives you 33 channels including ESPN, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, and more. It doesn’t give you FOX or NBC channels. You’re also limited to just one stream at a time.

Sling Blue is also $30 per month, and gives you 48 channels including FOX, NBC, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, Food Network, FX, FXX, and more. It doesn’t give you ESPN or Disney channels. With Sling Blue, you can stream up to three devices at a time.

Sling Orange + Blue is available for $45 per month and combines the two tiers, giving you all of the channels from both Orange and Blue. You can also stream up to four channels at a time.

There are also Add-ons available that allow you to tailor your price and viewing experience to your liking. You’re still not able to pick specific channels to view a la carte, but this is as close as you’ll get, as each of the add-on packs offers unique content.

Sports Extra will add NBA TV, NHL Network, NFL RedZone, and the extraneous ESPN channels.

Comedy Extra will add MTV, Logo, TV Land, CMT, and more.

Kids Extra will add kid-targeted networks like Boomerang, Teen Nick, Disney Jr, Disney XD, and Nicktoons.

News Extra adds BBC World News, HLN, MSNBC and CNBC.

Lifestyle Extra adds Cooking Channel, Hallmark, DIY, FYI, and Lifetime Movies.

What Other Devices Can You Watch Sling TV On?

You can watch Sling TV on just about any device at this point, including iPad, PS4, Xbox One, Smart TVs, Android, iOS devices, and more.

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