• “The Ultimate Fighter 11″ Episode 2 Recap

    The fighters are in the house, and it's time for Ortiz and Liddell to pick teams. We also get the first official fight of the season, and one fighter will be eliminated. Oh, and there are childish pranks. It's the norm for The Ultimate Fighter, and we've got your recap of episode 2.

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  • Houston, We Have A Problem – The Biggest UFC Choke Job Ever?

    "I could have done a better job on you know, I thought I gave it my best effort but I could have did better. We wanted him to get up and we want him to take his medicine but again I could have been more aggressive."

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  • Booking Browning: The Bottom Line Shouldn’t Come Before a Fighter’s Safety

    Junie Browning is a bona fide attraction.The problem is that the former Ultimate Fighter lightning rod is an attraction for all the wrong reasons, first gaining an audience as the alcohol-fueled, foul-mouthed kid from Kentucky who talked a big game but failed to deliver.

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  • TUF 10′s Mike Wessel: Lord of the Flies

    Juggernaut: A massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path. Standing at six foot tall, weighing around the 260 pound mark, and notorious for his knockout power and never say die attitude inside of the cage.

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  • Ultimate Fighter Winner Ryan Bader: “I’m not here to be mediocre and collect a paycheck.”

    Remember when Rich Franklin kind of became the corporate face of the UFC a few years ago? When you needed a fighter to convince a skeptical member of the media that all cage fighters weren't brutal cro magnons, Rich was the go to guy.

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  • Kimbo Slice: Can the Street Fighter become The Ultimate Fighter?

    Things have changed pretty dramatically for Rosemary Clarke's baby boy Kevin. In 1992 Kevin Ferguson, not yet known as Kimbo Slice, was a star linebacker at Miami Palmetto High School. College seemed a given, with dreams of possibly playing on Sundays.