Zora Ball: The 7-Year-Old Mobile Gaming App Developer

Zora Ball: The Worlds Youngest App Developer

Zora Ball is the youngest person to ever create a mobile app. She developed a game and she’s in first grade. Yeah, kinda, feels like you wasted your life, doesn’t it?

At only 7 years old, Ball has created a full version mobile video game app using the Bootstrap programming language which she has completely mastered. Something she proved when she reconfigured her app upon request at the University of Pennsylvania’s “Bootstrap Expo.”

Hey, you know that guy you know who’s always going on about how he’s close to the next big thing, the next Facebook. And he’s always trying to develop an app. Show him this article. Then laugh at his tears.

She attends a charter school in Philadelphia called the Harambee Institute of Science and Technology. Ball also attends one of the school’s many after-school programs, The STEMnasium Learning Academy which meets on Saturdays and is currently teaching it’s students Mandarin.

So there’s a whole bunch of first graders in Philadelphia that can code mobile apps and speak mandarin. What have you done with your life?

(h/t The Pittsburgh Courier via Mashable)