Sony PlayStation 4: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know


Six years after the PlayStation 3, Sony is finally ready to release its latest iteration to the game console. The PlayStation 4 (PS4) will revolutionize gaming by adapting to how a gamer wants to play. On Wednesday night in New York, after the company introduced the 2013 Sony Playstation Meeting with powerful imagery and quick-shot videos of where Sony wants to go with the PlayStation experience, it was time to get a glimpse into the future of play with the PlayStation 4.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The PS4 Delivers a More Personalized Experience During Gameplay
PS4 will use real names when connecting to social networks and help you locate and track friends. You can watch games being played on a chat window and even be able to “reach out” and play them on a friend’s system.

2. If Your Friend is in Trouble You Can jump in Their Game and Save Them
New interactive features now allow your friends to look over your shoulder, post your screen during gameplay and even take over your controller if you let them. This “director” status allows others to manipulate game features such as your health, maps among other things.

3. PS4 Will Come with a Dual Shock Controller


The new controller includes a share button and a touchpad. The dual shock controller spots a light bar to identify players and changes color as you move through the game. At the live event, it spotted orange and green colors coming from the bottom of the controller. The controller includes a headphone jack as well.

4. Accessing Content Will be a Lot Easier
The user interface has been redesigned to allow seamless upload on the go and the ability to play downloadable titles as they download in the background. Videos are uploaded as you play. The system also has been designed to reduce download times to zero by learning your likes and dislikes enough to tell which games you will purchase next and download them for you in the background.

5. Sony PS4 Will Use Gaikai to Stream PS3 Games


According to Gaikai CEO Dave Perry, you will now be able to instantly experience anything you want by trying out games for free, share if you like and pay only when you like. The share button on the controller lets you broadcast live gaming to friends. By partnering with Ustream, you now have the ability to stream to as many people as you like.

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6. You’ll be Able to Multi-task with PlayStation Vita


The PS4 is truly multi-platform. It integrates social media, game streaming and multiplayer gaming environments together allowing for a personalized idea of play that connects to a broad range of services. With PlayStation Vita you will be able to multi-task with the Remote Play feature. Sony hopes to eventually make all PS4 titles playable on the Vita.

7. PS4 Will be Backward Incompatible with Legacy Systems
For hardcore game lovers, PS3 titles will not be natively supported on the PS4. Sony says it’s exploring ways to make this happen in the future, including older titles from PS2 and PS1, but for now, you are stuck with new titles. However, a lot of the PS4 titles are also playable on the PS Vita.

8. Destiny is Coming to PS4


Bringing a new developer that has not been on Playstation for over a decade, Sony introduced Destiny. Calling it the “PlayStation Nation,” Destiny will be offering exclusive content, both for the PS3 and PS4.

9. PlayStation 4 Will be Priced Under $500
Sony didn’t reveal any information on how much the PS4 will cost at its big press conference. According to the Asahi Shimbum, the new PS4 will cost around $428. This is the first report we’ve seen with any speculation of the cost. When the PS3 was initially released, the price was $599.

10. PlayStation 4 will be launched in 2013
Although Sony didn’t reveal images of the PS4, or announce the release date, we do know that it will be launched in 2013.

People are already going ape sh*t for this thing with ridiculous fan pages like this one.