Flipboard 2.0: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

flipboard 2.0

Flipboard, the popular must-have news reader app, originally allowed users to flip through news feeds imported from other sites in a magazine-like experience. The latest version of Flipboard 2.0 was released on Tuesday evening for iOS, and it now lets users create their own custom magazine. Here are 5 fast facts you need to know about the new Flipboard version 2.0.

1. Users Can Now Create Their Own Magazine
Flipboard, a magazine-style news app, recently released version 2.0 on Tuesday evening, and it features tons of new features, including one that lets users create their own magazines based on the content they find on the internet and on the app. Flipboard considers this to be one of the biggest features its added since the app was launched in 2010 on the iPad.

2. Your Magazine Can Be Public or Private
The new feature allows users to create as many magazines as they want. Users can also decide if they want to make their magazine public or private so other people can follow. It’s pretty easy to share your magazine, just create a URL and users can start posting it to their Twitter, Google+ or Facebook feeds. CTO Eric Feng spoke to The Verge and said that over time, “users will be able to co-edit magazines.”

3. The New Flipboard is Much Faster
Mike McCue, Flipboard CEO, said in a video that Flipboard 2.0 is a lot faster. Users will now be able to collect their favorite things on Flipboard so they can add it to their own magazine. If users want to save Flipboard content to one of their personal magazines, all that’s needed is to tap on the “+” icon while signed on.

4. Flipboard Will Have a New Section Called “By Our Readers”
In the table of contents there will be a new section called “By Our readers,” which will feature magazines that have been created by its users. Sites like GigaOM have been part of a small group that has had access to this feature for a few months now. The new Flipboard also lets users comment on articles, recommend reading lists, faster switching to different sections, and includes optional Facebook Open Graph Integration.

5. The New Flipboard is Only Available for iOS
According to Flipboard, the new version 2.0 is currently only available for iPhone and iPad, but will soon be available for Android.

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