Google Drive is Reportedly Down for Some Users

Media outlets have been reporting that Google Drive, the popular cloud-storage feature by Google, is not working for some users and the service is reportedly down.

According to 9to5Google, Google Drive may be down because the tech giant may be planning to introduce Google Keep, a note taking feature within Google Drive that’s similar to Evernote.

Google’s service page confirms that the company is working on the issue as we speak. At 10:17 AM EST, Google posted the following on the Google Drive service details page: “We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Drive. We will provide more information shortly.” Then, less than an hour later, Google wrote:

We’re aware of a problem with Google Drive affecting a significant subset of users. The affected users are unable to access Google Drive. We will provide an update by 3/18/13 12:10 PM detailing when we expect to resolve the problem. Please note that this resolution time is an estimate and may change.

UPDATE: At 11:55 AM EST, Google Drive’s service page posted the following update: “Google Drive service has already been restored for some users, and we expect a resolution for all users within the next 1 hours. Please note this time frame is an estimate and may change.”

Personally, my Google Drive account is working well, though it has been taking longer than usual to load. However, users on Twitter have been complaining Monday morning that the service is giving them some error messages:

This story is developing so stay tuned.

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