Google Keep: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

google keepGoogle Keep seems to be live right now, according to an article on Gizmodo. Here’s what you need to know about Google’s new note-taking service.

Here’s what you should know.

1. Google Keep Leaked Last Week
Last week, AndroidPolice took screenshots of a seemingly brand new service called Google Keep. According to them, the system went live, and then disappeared a few hours later.

2. Google Keep has a lot of Great Features
Google Keep allows users to save “research and personal notes,” and allows users to input text, images, and even checklists (like grocery shopping lists). You can even color-code notes in Google Keep as well. Google Notebook was a similar service started by Google, but without the same features. Google Notebook was deemed unsuccessful and shut down.

3. Google Keep Could Become A Major Competitor To Other Note-Taking Services
There are already some major players in the note-taking services, like Evernote. When Google Notebook came out, Evernote added some features to add notes to Google Notebook, implying a sort of partnership between the two competitors. No word on whether Evernote and Google Keep will have a similar partnership.

4. Google Keep is not a separate service, but a new addition to Google Drive.
Google Keep is not a “new service” but an addition to Google Drive. Using Google Drive, you can save your notes across multiple devices (it’ll all be synced in the cloud). But, Google Keep only works on Android devices, not iOS devices…yet.

5. Google Keep is Officially Live
We were initially unsure whether Google Keep was actually live or whether this was just another glitch. But, according to the official Google Blog, the service has is public and available to use now. Google has made a promo video to explain how users can utilize Google Keep, which you can watch below.

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