Watch New Apple Exec Kevin Lynch Blow up an iPhone

Yesterday, media reports indicated — which were later confirmed by Apple — that Kevin Lynch, formerly Adobe’s Chief Technology Officer, would be jumping ship to Apple to become the Cupertino giant’s new VP of Technology and work under Bob Mansfield.

However, news outlets like Gizmodo and Business Insider have been finding information that makes it seem like Lynch isn’t the biggest fan of Apple or Apple products.

Today, Business Insider uncovered a video of Lynch literally blowing up an iPhone.

In a spoof of Myth Busters spoof, Lynch and a friend explain how “Steve from Cupertino” messaged them about how Adobe Flash doesn’t work on the iPhone mobile device. According to the video, Flash ran on 37 different devices…except the iPhone.

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Then, the duo brought in an expert, Doug Winnie, Product Manager for Adobe. Winnie explained how frustrating it is for him that his iPhone doesn’t run an iPhone.

Then, Lynch and his partner run an iPhone 3GS through a blender, attempt to jumpstart the mobile device, pretend to blow it up, and then steamroll the iPhone.

It seems like Lynch and his partners at Adobe felt a little slighted about Apple’s decision to not support Flash on its mobile devices, because it didn’t work well on mobile products according to Apple.

You can watch the entire video below:

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