Embrace Your Laziness By Ordering A Pizza on Your Xbox 360

Pizza Hut Xbox 360


Pizza Hut created an Xbox 360 app that sounds too good to be true – you can order a custom pizza while you game. This app links your Xbox 360 account with your online Pizza Hut account so you can put together an awesome pie that’s ready to order when your done.

You can finally put your Kinect to good use (which is probably gathering dust since your Dance Central addicted friends aren’t over as much as they used to be) by using the motion sensor technology to put together your feast.

Pizza Hut Xbox 360

Of course, you can just forgo all the unnecessary Kinect action and just make an order with your controller. For anybody who’s on the fence about making a Pizza Hut order through their 360 console (or for anyone who’d rather order their pizzas quicker and easier), Pizza Hut is giving Xbox users a 15-percent discount off their first purchase.

But you gotta download the app and order before May 6 in order to take advantage, so hurry up!

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Xbox Live’s Major Nelson took the time to put this new app (for lazy gamers/procrastinating students) to good use. Check out this time with the app above.

As a lazy gamer myself, I took the time to try out this app and see if it’s worth ordering a pizza through a video game console. My verdict? Be a normal human being and just order your pizza on the phone or do it online. As soon as your arms start to adopt a nagging pain thanks to your Kinect pizza ordering motions, you’ll go back to ordering pizza the traditional way.

But hey, there’s a 15-percent discount in it for you guys! Order that first pie, get your discount, then let your little brother/sister distract themselves with Pizza Hut Kinect.

Xbox 360 Pizza Hut App Kinect StyleWe order food on our gaming console using only our voice! The future is now.2013-04-23T18:26:07Z

Check out this review of the app from PixelHangover for a second opinion.