Steve Jobs Designed the Next Two iPhones

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Even though Steve Jobs is gone, he still has quite an effect on the future of Apple products, namely his pet project — the iPhone.

iPhone theft has been a huge issue in major cities, like New York City, where Mayor Bloomberg cited the rising number of iPhone thefts as the reason the New York City crime rate increased last year. However, according to Cult of Mac, District Attorney George Gascon has said Apple won’t be able to rectify the issue in the next two incarnations of the iPhone because they’ve already been developed and approved by Apple’s co-founder and ex-CEO, the late Steve Jobs.

Gascon said he spoke to Apple’s government liaison about adding a “kill switch” feature, which would shut down the iPhone remotely, in future iPhones so that the number of iPhone thefts could potentially decrease. However, it seems like that won’t be possible, since the liaison said that the next two iPhones “preceded Tim Cook” and were developed while Steve Jobs was still the CEO of Apple.

Because the design and the concept for the next two iPhones have already been planned months in advance, it’d be difficult to change it and add a “kill switch” feature. Not only that, but it would change the Jobs-approved design of the device, which could anger some loyal customers and Apple employees who idolized the dynamic leader.

Here’s what Gascon said about his meeting with Apple:

‘It was very underwhelming,’ Gascón said about the hourlong talk with Apple’s government liaison, Michael Foulkes. ‘He did most of the talking. It was incredible. He would just go on and on, one subject to the next. It was hard to follow. It was almost like someone who’s been trained in the art of doing a lot of talking and saying nothing.’

Cult of Mac writes that it’s definitely possible to add a kill switch to iPhone and other mobile devices, but companies may be apprehensive to do so. It makes sense: When you lose an iPhone or it gets stolen, you just buy another one, which means companies like Apple get more money. Not only that, but services like AppleCare are pricy insurance policies that would be rendered ineffective by a kill switch. So, for the foreseeable future, we can expect Apple iPhone’s to remain the apple of a thief’s eye.

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