NYC Subway Systems to get Wi-Fi, Cell Phone Service

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In a press event today, the MTA announced that they’ll be adding wi-fi service to various subway stations in New York City.

Cell phone service will also be added to those stations as well. Wi-fi was added to the C & E platform of the 23rd Street stop, two stop on the L train, and a few platforms at the 14th Street station, but has been missing from a number of other stops.

This initiative will add cell phone and wi-fi service to 30 subway stations, including Times Square, Columbus Circle, Rockefeller Center, 18th Street, and 96th Street. The services were expected to be rolled out by the end of 2012, but Hurricane Sandy delayed the city’s plans.

The system will be built by Transit Wireless, which has deals with AT&T and T-Mobile, however, Gizmodo notes that Sprint and Verizon are on the way.

Here’s a complete list of the subway stations that are getting wi-fi, also from Gizmodo.

23 Street – 8 Avenue: CE Lines
14 Street – 8 Avenue: ACE Lines
14 Street – 7 Avenue: 123 Lines
14 Street – 6 Avenue: FM Lines
14 Street – 8 Avenue: L Line
14 Street – 6 Avenue: L Line
96 Street: BC Lines
86 Street: BC Lines
28 Street: 1 Line
18 Street: 1 Line
81 Street-Museum of Natural History: BC Lines
72 Street: BC Lines
79 Street: 1 Line
23 Street: 1 Line
96 Street: 123 Lines
66 Street-Lincoln Center: 1 Line
72 Street: 123 Lines
57 Street: F Line
47-50 Streets-Rockefeller Center: BDFM Lines
57 Street-7 Avenue: NQR Lines
28 Street: NR Lines
50 Street: 1 Line
50 Street: CE Lines
23 Street: NR Lines
49 Street: NR Lines
5 Avenue-53 Street: EM Lines
59 Street-Columbus Circle: 1 Line
59 St-Columbus Circle: ABCD Lines
7 Avenue: BDE Lines
Times Square-42 Street: 123 Lines
Times Square-42 Street: NQR Lines
Times Square-42 Street: 7 Line
Times Square-42 Street: ACE Lines
Times Square-42 Street: S Line
5 Ave.-59 Street: NR Lines
86 Street: 1 Line