iOS 7 Rumors & Release Date: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

iOS 7 rumors have been coming out at a feverish pace, with the rumored release date coming closer and closer. But, these leaked reports aren’t actually good news for Apple — most are anticipating a highly controversial and divisive update that could potentially hurt the company. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s rumored mobile operating system update, iOS 7.

1. iOS 7 Might be Delayed

jony ive, ios 7 rumors

The bombshell: iOS 7 could be delayed, according to Bloomberg. Apparently, the changes new head Jony Ive is making are so drastic that they could cause delays in the release of the operating system. Bloomberg, citing sources “with knowledge of the matter,” says that Ive’s decision to revamp iOS, “shunning realistic images” and “exploring more dramatic changes to the e-mail and calendar tools,” seems to spell the end of skeumorphism.

2. This is in Line with Other Rumors about iOS 7

jony ive, ios 7 rumors

A potential delay in iOS 7 isn’t a big surprise, considering what we’ve heard about the new mobile operating system. According to 9to5Mac, Ive’s iOS 7 will be “flatter” and less realistic. This means that the Calendar app won’t look like a calendar and the Newsstand app won’t have realistic shelves. This style — skeumorphism — was a favorite of Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall, an ex-senior VP at Apple. However, with Jobs gone and Forstall fired by Cook earlier this year, Ive is leading the development of iOS 7, and he’s potentially giving it the biggest UI change to iOS ever.

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3. Ive is Worried after Apple Maps

jony ive, ios 7 rumors

After the Apple Maps debacle, Ive is worried about the potential backlash iOS 7 could receive from critics and fans. As you can remember, Apple Maps was the firm’s response to Google Maps, which had been ousted in iOS 6. While many fans had high expectations for the app, poor accuracy and shoddy work on the development of Apple Maps led to it being universally criticized. Worried about the fact that no one has an issue to call out Apple, the world’s most influential tech company, when it makes a mistake, Ive is personally checking every app to make sure it’s up to snuff.

4. Ive Is Pushing Back Deadlines Already

jony ive, ios 7 rumors, os x 10.9

Usually iOS is released alongside a new iPhone. Last year, iOS 6 was released in September along with the iPhone 5, even though iOS 6 was shown at WWDC 2012. While we can expect a similar schedule — especially with CEO Tim Cook saying he was excited for the new products coming in the “Fall of 2013 and throughout 2014” — Ive seems to be pushing his developers. He’s been setting internal deadlines for testing later than previous iterations. In addition, OS X developers have been shifted to iOS for the time being so that the mobile operating system can be completed.

5. People in Cupertino are Nervous

jony ive, ios 7 rumors, apple stock price

And with good reason, too; a delay in iOS 7 could be almost catastrophic for the company’s PR. Just consider the past year for Apple: after Apple fans were almost foaming at the mouth waiting for the iPhone 5, the response from critics and fans was lackluster (after all, everything about the iPhone 5 leaked months in advanced). Then, the whole Apple Maps thing. And since September, Apple’s stock price has been tanking and the company’s lost $280 million in market capitalization since September 2012, while every financial analyst is predicting the death of Apple. So, imagine if iOS 7 — the cornerstone to how users interact with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches — was delayed or had a major flaw like Apple Maps? It could cause the company’s stock price spiraling.

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