iPad 5 Testing this July: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

According to the Digitimes, Apple will start trial testing for the 5th generation iPad this July to ship in September. Here are five fast facts about the rumor.

1.New Version Will Be 25-33% Lighter

The design of the first iPad mini
According to supply chain sources the site obtained, the fifth version will weigh considerably less the previous generation. The model is supposed to be scaled down from the 9.7 current version. This could be a possibility since the current version also has the exact same modifications as its predecessor in terms of weight and size.

2.The Retina Display May Be Enhanced

Eye scanner

The site elaborated that the new display would have one LED light for backlighting. Apple Insider in response to this stated that previous versions have all held two LED lights so this may be plausible cause of the smaller size. Another added benefit would be power reduction since one LED light would take up less power compared to two.This video explains the big differences between altering retina displays.

3.Different Touch Panel Solution

What the new version may look like
Digitimes stated the touch panel for the new item would consist of a GF2 solution. Comprised of one layer of glass and two layers of ITO film, this would differ from the G/G bonding in the fourth generation. According to Techradar, the GF2 process is already used in the new iPad mini but if this is used for the new prototype it would make the screen ratio go to 16:9 that would improve movie watching.

4.Supply Chain Partners

Samsung logo

LG Display, Samsung Display and Sharp are reported to be the display panel suppliers cited by the articles sources while TPK Holding, Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology, Radiant Opto-electronics and Coretronic were listed as other various helpers in the creation of the new product. Samsung’s relationship with Apple has soured but LG and Sharp have excellent relationships with the company so that segment may be true.

5.The Truth Behind the Rumor

KGI Securities
Business Insider stated that the Digitimes has a spotty track record of accurately predicting product news but may be right based on the predictions made by Ming Chi-Kuo of KGI securities last month. The analyst asserted that production would start july with an intended ship date for september. His report also listed of the many features Digitimes claims it got from sources. While Kuo has a great reputation, it’s still to early to tell.

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