Fake White House Press Corps Hacked: What You Need To Know

According to the Huffington Post, odd tweets began appearing on the press corps home page around 2am. The messages were about bias in the media and considered a number of news outlets losers and untrustworthy. These tweets were in response to a meeting Attorney General Eric Holder held an off-the-record meeting with several members of the media.


Comparing this to other recent “attacks” is probably ridiculous since this was not the real site. Since it wasn’t the official profile, it is hard to consider this another major security breach for the media. These tweets could have been done by the people who created @whpresscorps for the sake of gaining attention. The criticisms launched on the twitter profile are just personal opinions and nothing else. Groups such as the Syrian Electronic Army wanted the attention after launching a spearphishing assault against the Financial Times. They left their mark whenever they could. The Associated Press attack sent the stock market tumbling. This left no real damage and looks pretty juvenile. While many outlets didn’t consider this a huge news event, but this is still the last thing journalists and the Department of Justice need right now. We’re going to keep our eyes on this as more develops.