iPhone 5S Rumors Update: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

IPhone fans are seeing colors after images from a Chinese website were released today. The images show a comparison between various models of iPhones, from the 4s to the highly anticipated 5s. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Welcome to the World of Color

Iphone 5 color, Apple

IPhone users have never had many choices when it comes to the color of their phone. The iPhone 5s may finally break this trend, by offering users multiple color options. From the images we’ve seen, the 5s may allow users to choose from a range of colors for their iPhones. Hopefully, Apple will finally break out of black and white and into the world of color with this new phone.

2. Same basic design

iPhone 5s color, Apple color, Iphone 5

The images circulating around the web show the same basic internal design for the 5s as its predecessor. The internal components such as the power button, volume control, and SIM card tray are all seemingly identical to that of the iPhone 5. While these internal components may be the same, there are in no way indicators of the capabilities of the iPhone 5s, which are sure to superior the iPhone 5.

3. Record Breaker

Iphone 5s color, iphone 5, apple

Since its release 8 months ago, the iPhone 5 has hit record-breaking sales. In the first weekend alone over 100 million devices were sold, with sales topping 5 million. There is much anticipation for the iPhone 5s, suggesting similar record-breaking sales for Apple’s newest device. Apple can use this possible boost in revenue, after the company experienced a rough financial quarter in which their stock plummeted.

4. See you next fall

Iphone 5s color, iphone 5s, apple color

Apple users were hoping for a summer release for the iPhone 5s. However, rumors and hints from CEO, Tim Cook, seem to point to a fall release date. Apple could use their upcoming WWDC as a big stage to unveil the new iPhone 5s, but for now hopefuls will just have to make do with leaked pictures and colorful possibilities.

5. iOS 7

Apple, Iphone 5s color, Iphone 5s, iOS7

Apple is expected to unveil its newest operating system iOS 7 in the upcoming WWDC. The iPhone 5s will use this new processor, allowing the phone to operate on Apple’s newest and most powerful processing system. This means that the iPhone 5s may not only be colorful, but also more efficient and powerful than any iPhone before it.

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