Microsoft Office Is Now On iOS: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Today, Microsoft Office Mobile was released for iOS. Here are five fast facts you need to know.

1.The New App Has Some Limitations


Apple added another unique feature to iOS 7 this week. Microsoft has added Office Mobile for iOS. The new app allows users to edit word, powerpoint and excel documents from anywhere. Unfortunately, the program is only available for iPhone and a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 is required.

2.New Features Include Cloud Compatibility


While iOS 7 still has some bugs to work out, 365 subscribers will have access to a variety of features. Documents will be saved on Skydrive and users will be able to access them throughout the cloud. The transition from viewing them on a computer to a phone will be simple and other editing abilities include correcting office attachments linked to e-mails. In case a fast report or spreadsheet needs to be created, the application lets users develop a new word document or excell sheet right from their phones. Resume reading and slide navigation are possible when preparing to go into a meeting or interview which are all optimized for a smaller screening according to the app store.

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3.Subscription Requirement May Be Pointless


CNET provided an in-depth review of the new program but discussed one major flaw. Jason Parker was able to preview the new service but felt that the required fee is unnecessary. Parker feels that the watered-down versions of Office which are available for a free download indicate this app should be free and open to anyone too. While he notes that Microsoft Office 365 is available for a limited free trial, Parker feels that an expanded version should be released soon.

4.Microsoft Launched Ads Competing With Apple’s Tablets


The Windows 8 RT Tablet is Microsoft’s newest competition for the iPad. Oddly, the company released ads essentially saying their new product will provide a better experience than Apple’s. Essentially, Window’s version has the ability to edit documents through Office while the iPad can only serve as a simplistic reader. While these ads are still on youtube, it’s strange as to why the company would produce them when they just joined to together for this new service.

5.When Could We See A Full Free Version


Microsoft Office 365 is a great app. It offers a flexibility that will probably be incredibly useful for a large client base. Refined features and extended trials would attract more users. Office has a great series of programs that are essential for business. iOS 7 beta has been out for a download for the developers but the likelihood we see a full free version probably won’t happen for awhile. The obvious reason behind this would be the success of this subscription. If it takes off, the main source of income would be paying for additional office programs like Access and Publisher. In case this piques your interest, try out the test trial in the app store now.

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