Platform Director Ryan Sarver Leaving Twitter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Twitter’s Platform Director Ryan Sarver has sensationally announced that he is to leave the social media giant on June 28.

Here’s what you need to know…

1.Sarver Tweeted His Exit


Following the earlier tweeted departure of TweetDeck founder Iain Dodsworth, Platform Director Ryan Sarver has tweeted his exit from the microblogging company. The executive is leaving on June 28th to rest and came aboard in 2009 when Twitter was still run by Evan Williams. His previous work was at Skyhook Wireless working on consumer products as well as founding real estate startup Blue Trim.

2.Sarver Has A Good Reputation


AllThingsD reports that Sarver’s basic role at the company was to work the developer community about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to analyzing Twitter’s data. While it hasn’t easy for Sarver and team when dealing with third party issues but his team marched on. He deserves credit for remaining open and honest when it came to detailing the new parameters for microblogging and the API of the site. While occasional parts of his tenure haven’t been easy, the tweets of gratitude appearing on his twitter profile today proves he will be missed.

3.Sarver Helped Twitter With iOS Integration


His biggest accomplishment has to be iOS integration. Back in 2011, Apple basically established a “Twitter Connect” into iOS 5 which made the microblogging system more versatile for all Apple products. The goal of integration was achieved since it gave Twitter access to 200 million iOS devices and helped the company succeed in original founder Jack Dorsey’s goal of a mobile friendly organization.

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4.Sarver Leaving Raises Some Questions

people attaching Twitter

With the executive announcing his departure, this raises some questions. The regime of Evan Williams is much different than the Dick Costolo leadership. AllThingsD feels that Costolo changing Sarver’s role added stress when he became the target for heat when changes didn’t go over well with the developer community. Sarver’s shares have cashed out this year so that may have been another reason why the exec wanted to leave the company. Although he says he needs rest, TechCrunch would not be surprised if Sarver reappeared as the head of a new start-up.

5.His Replacement Will Have a Tough Job


Another question coming up is who will replace the departing platform director. The job won’t be an easy one. The job posting today on the company’s job board requires a series of tasks involving being an advocate for Twitter platform integration. Sarver was an excellent leader who remained transparent and honest about opportunities so the new candidate will need to have these qualities as well as strong research abilities. Still to early to tell who will take over but this is surprising since this is the company’s second employee departure of the day.

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